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Greg Weitz
Regional Sales V. P.

Installation can always be a challenge depending on how handy you are. I have personally seen some really awesome DIY installations and some terrible ones. From a manufacturer standpoint, we will always recommend installations to be done professionally.

Agree with you.

You will have two options for your turf application:

1. Checking with us on discontinued SKUs and clearance items, most of the time, such products will be priced very low for liquidation: Once you get such information, you can check with our distributors/dealers near you to make a purchase.

2. If the above option is not available, the cheapest turf in our product lineup here at Global Syn-Turf is StarGrass-35. please go to this link for more details regarding this particular turf:

Please always feel free to fill out our online form for a free quote which can be the quickest way to get the best answers regarding your questions and finding you the nearest dealers:

Bet you offer great discounts on remnants. Will call you for that
Definitely trying not to do the excavations, bases which can cost a lot of money, it is not just the turf.
Always check with your local store for specials...
I will simply go to craigslist to find the cheapest.
If you can live with the fact of all different colored turf pieced together, getting the liquidated remnants will be the cheapest way to go.
One of my neighbors got their discontinued stuff, really cheap I heard.
I think all their 50 oz products are cheap in price.
In general the turf has been cheap in Phoenix area.
We also have remnants sales, however, the remnants can be different type of turf products and won't look the same while you piece them together.
I will check with the store here in Denver.

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