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Kevin Chasson
Joined: January 1, 2020

I decided to use artificial grass for my dog to potty on the balcony of our apartment. We live in a highrise in downtown Chicago, so potty training is hard. We have a dog park nearby, but this is so much easier. It was also super useful to housebreak him. He just rang a bell when he needed to go and we opened the balcony door; he was potty trained in no time. Since we have him potty trained, we go for walks and he goes outside like normal, but this is what we use for late-night and early morning potty trips. It is awesome. We use the crate tray under the grass mat with puppy training pads to soak up the urine. I replace the pads a couple of times a week and pick up the solids just like anywhere.

My dog doesn't try to eat or chew on it, he even likes to lay on it in the sun when we leave the balcony door open. The holes in the bottom drain the urine through to the pads so it's not wet with urine all the time. It doesn't smell unless you don't change the pads underneath for too long. Overall this turf did the job! Great purchase!