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Lee Mendes answered a question Best Turf for hot weather?

Most of our artificial grass products can handle hot weather without a problem, among all, I personally would think our new Premium M series is the best among the best.

Oct 18 11:48 AM
Lee Mendes answered a question Do I ever need to reapply the turf glue from installation?

When it comes to artificial grass glues usage at the installation, if you follow the proper procedures and apply the glue correctly, you will never need to reapply it after

Oct 7 11:51 AM
Lee Mendes answered a question How do I calculate how much fake ivy I need for my backyard fence?

Most of our artificial ivy products come in a size of 20”x20” per panel except for Heart Leaf model which is 25”x25” per panel. Also there are either 6

Sep 8 2:08 PM
Lee Mendes answered a question Is a putting green just a trimmed version of regular turf?

No, the artificial grass and artificial putting green are totally different types of products: regular artificial grass has both straight fibers and the curled thatching in it which make it

Aug 15 12:20 PM
Lee Mendes answered a question Which artificial grass is the shiniest option?

Well, I hope you have some special application purposes for the artificial grass to be very shinny. Most of our products are “delustered” which means we intentionally engineered and

Aug 3 5:35 PM
Lee Mendes answered a question Does the density matter for turf if I am a first time buyer?

In my opinion, the density of artificial grass always matters regardless you are first time buyer or not. It is one of the key factors of turf which indicates

Jul 21 1:13 PM
Lee Mendes answered a question How many different types of backing do you offer for your turf?

Generally speaking, we have only one backing system: primary backing which is the polypropylene cloth and secondary backing which is the glue. However, we do have two different type

Jul 15 3:52 PM
Lee Mendes answered a question As a turf supplier, what kind of partnerships are you looking for?

As the main manufacturer/supplier of artificial grass, we work with either nationwide or local distributors/dealers for our products. I would suggest you to email to us with details of

Jun 26 1:30 PM
Lee Mendes answered a question Can you explain what seaming tape is used for?

Seaming tape is for piecing two pieces of artificial grass together. Normally the seaming tape is made of very durable poly materials and can last for a long time

Jun 16 1:34 PM
Lee Mendes answered a question How would you compare your turfs' lifespan with the competition?

With my years of industry experiences, I can confidently tell you that our artificial grass lasts much longer than competitions’. We offer a 15 year warranty which you can

Jun 6 3:57 PM
Lee Mendes answered a question Is sand infill required for artificial grass installation?

We always recommend to use infills for all artificial grass installations for two main reasons:1. To help turf to stand up better2. To give more weight on the

Apr 30 12:50 PM
Lee Mendes answered a question What is the Seaming tape used for?

The seaming tape for artificial grass is used to join two or multiple pieces together. We do not manufacture our own turf seaming tape, we are distributor of other

Apr 24 12:33 PM
Lee Mendes answered a question How often do you switch out your products?

We normally do not switch our artificial grass products. Being the industry leader, strive to be innovative and meeting customers' demands, we always improve our artificial turf and bring

Apr 14 1:52 PM
Lee Mendes answered a question Does artificial grass emit toxic vapor when it heats up?

Artificial grass won’t give off any toxic vapor when getting heated up under normal weather conditions. Our artificial grass products are designed and made with absolutely no toxic components,

Mar 5 8:18 AM
Lee Mendes answered a question Can artificial grass be used on walls?

Yes, you can use artificial grass for a wall design, they actually look really good! It will depend on what kind of walls that you would like to put artificial

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Feb 17 8:25 AM
Lee Mendes answered a question Why is sand infill sometimes used?

Infills are always important for artificial grass installations as it will not only help turf fibers standing up but also minimize the expansions and contractions of the grass to prevent

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Feb 9 9:09 AM
Lee Mendes answered a question Is it require to put sand on artificial grass?

Yes, we as the manufacturer of artificial grass strongly recommend using infills on artificial grass. Such infills can be sand, zeolite or etc. . You might have seem

Feb 3 9:20 AM
Lee Mendes answered a question What is the best infill for a concrete area?

There is no specific infills to be used just for concrete areas, in another word, all infills can be used for concrete area the exactly the same as they would

Jan 31 3:21 PM
Lee Mendes answered a question What type of nails to use for an artificial turf?

Normally you will need to use either 40D or 60D bright common or galvanized nails ranging from 5-7” in nail length for artificial turf installations outside as a real lawn

Jan 25 2:46 PM
Lee Mendes answered a question How can I find the best artificial installers in my area

The best way to find good artificial grass installers in your area is to fill out this online form, and we will get back to you asap with recommendations.

Jan 18 5:24 PM
Lee Mendes answered a question Do slugs go on artificial grass?

We haven't experienced any issues with slugs going on artificial grass. Overall, the artificial grass doesn't provide any living conditions for pest or slugs. Artificial turf is made

Jan 16 8:26 PM
Lee Mendes answered a question Would it be possible to use artificial grass as a backdrop?

You sure can, like how some people use carpet as a backdrop. Artificial grass and carpet have so many similarities and people even call artificial turf outdoor carpet sometimes.

Jan 15 12:29 PM
Lee Mendes answered a question Can artificial Grass be recycled?

Yes, our turf products can be recycled: 90% of our products are from PE and PP resins and they can be recycled and made into other plastic products. We

Jan 14 5:43 PM
Lee Mendes answered a question For what kinds of applications is artificial turf mainly used?

I just answered a posted question similar to yours earlier today, to categorize the applications of artificial grass, here are the summaries:1. General landscape: front and backyard, city medians,

Jan 14 2:08 PM
Lee Mendes answered a question What are the types of artificial grass?

There are several ways of categorizing artificial grass types, here are some summaries:A. By industries1. Landscape artificial grass: products developed for residential and commercial landscape applications, this type

Jan 14 9:12 AM
Lee Mendes answered a question How do you get dog smell out of fake grass?

In reality, we don't come across dog smell issues as often. Our artificial grass drains so well, and if installations were done properly, the dog smell situations can be

Jan 10 8:56 AM
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Jan 9 11:32 AM
Lee Mendes answered a question What is the most realistic looking artificial grass?

The most realistic looking artificial grass on the market is our SuperNatural series: we have two different configurations on this product line, 60 oz and 80 oz. Both look

Jan 5 5:33 PM
Lee Mendes commented on answer Is artificial grass safe for health?

Absolutely no harm.

Jan 5 5:04 PM
Lee Mendes commented on answer How to calculate the amount of infill?

Yes, 2 lb per sf. won't go wrong.

Jan 5 5:03 PM
Lee Mendes commented on answer Install in basement?

There are a lot of basement installations in northeast and midwest markets.

Jan 5 5:02 PM
Lee Mendes commented on answer How does syn-turf resist or retard fire?

You can always find the flammability report on this link: https://www. globalsynturf. com/artificial-grass-specifications-specs

Jan 5 5:01 PM
Jan 5 4:59 PM
Lee Mendes commented on answer Can I use Diluted bleach?

No bleach on turf.

Jan 5 4:57 PM
Lee Mendes commented on answer Why some areas of my turf turn whitish after a few month?

If the water source not closed off, cleaning the grass will be simply wasting time.

Jan 5 4:57 PM
Lee Mendes commented on answer I need really cheap turf to cover a big area, any suggestions?

Always check with your local store for specials. . .

Jan 5 4:53 PM
Lee Mendes commented on answer Is it a good idea to have artificial grass in cemeteries?

More and more cemeteries in California are going with artificial turf now days.

Jan 5 4:52 PM
Lee Mendes commented on answer My dog keeps pulling the turf, what should I do?

Need to stop the dog, and make sure not letting them eat turf.

Jan 5 4:50 PM
Jan 5 4:49 PM
Lee Mendes commented on answer What turf looks like the St. Augustine grass?

Our Sierra series turf should be spot on.

Jan 5 4:49 PM

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