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Michael Trimpe commented on answer If I have a sand infill artificial grass, will it get in the house?

Great information! I was thinking it might get to the house because of strong winds, but great to know that's impossible.

Feb 16 9:36 AM
Michael Trimpe commented on answer How is grass fixed to hard floors?

My friend had her turf installed on a concrete. It still looks okay.

Feb 16 9:34 AM
Michael Trimpe commented on answer Can artificial grass be applied to a roof?

Wouldn't it get too hot if you install it in a roof?

Feb 16 9:33 AM
Michael Trimpe commented on answer My garden is prone to flooding can I still install artificial grass?

It's perfect for areas prone to flooding as it has great draining and doesn't pool up even after a good amount of rain fell.

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Feb 16 9:20 AM
Michael Trimpe commented on answer I want to DIY. Is that possible?

If it's small I think it's very doable, especially if the area that you want to install it on doesn't have some complicated shapes

Feb 16 9:18 AM
Michael Trimpe asked a question Why should anyone buy artificial grass?

Lots of people are opting for artificial grass but i'm not sure why

Feb 16 9:18 AM

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