Nathan Tazunie
Joined: December 12, 2019

I live in Orlando, Florida, my installer installed this Cashmere-52 in my yard about a year ago. It still looks great up to date. I don't miss the days of mowing lawns and muddy mess. Now I can spend more time doing my gardening instead of wasting my time on my lawn. People saying good things about my turf, and I didn't spend that much as others said. The turf installation took only couple of days, the installer came in and out and doesn't seem it is difficult.

I would have chosen a more expensive turf but I am glad I didn't as this 52 oz turf looks and holds up just as nice in my own opinion. 

I hope this will last a while, as long as I stay at my house. GST seems to have a decent warranty.

This small garden looks cute.
Looks ok.
Small area but shows well.

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