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Neville Darienzo
Joined: May 5, 2021

I'm a contractor for installing artificial turf for the last 25 years and I just started using the Global Syn Turf products. Another contractor referred me to this company and I received some of their samples and I was very impressed. I just finished my first job using Global Syn Turf products and I was amazed at the ease of installation and seeming. Some artificial turf are not easy to seem but the Global Syn Turf product was amazing. The product looks very realistic and it's soft to the touch and you literally cannot see the seams when you install it. There's something about how the blades of grass are omnidirectional they almost look like different heights and it covers up Annie imperfections of the installation process. From a contractor standpoint you can't beat this cuz you want to get the job done and you want to get it done fast but you wanted to look good. Realistically that's the only way to make money is to get in and out and keep your labor costs down. I want to thank globalsynturf and my cell representative Dave and I could not be happier with the turf products.