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We use punched holes on our artificial grass drainage system: such system has proved to be one of the most effective draining techniques for the past. It is a very simple theory, for specialty artificial grass such as pet turf, more drainage holes to be punched. A lot of turf companies on today’s market are using drainage as marketing tools rather than focusing on the true performances in real world. Artificial grass’ drainage capacity largely depends on its base: without a good and professionally built sub base, any artificial grass won’t be draining well, water or liquid will go through the grass but won’t dissipate away if the sub base is not permeable. On average, our artificial grass can drain 50-60 inches per hour which equals five times the amount of water dumped by a category 5 hurricane! Extremely sufficient and effective. You can find our permeability report on every artificial grass product on the following link , once one this page, click on the product, you will see all the testing reports shown:

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I will suggest you to go with our Pet Turf: this product is engineered dog applications. It is very durable, the fibers are “U” shaped with great resilience; it is also short so make it easy to pick up the solids on it. The permeability is absolutely excellent with a drainage capacity up to 120 inches per hour! However, please be aware that the consistent digging still can damage the turf, all artificial grass products on today’s market are made of plastic materials, strong abuse will damage it. Also, you will need to train your dogs not to chew or eat the turf, even though our products are perfectly safe for dogs to play on, but they are not meant for being swallowed or eaten which can hurt your dogs. 

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Most of artificial grass on today’s market are made of polyethylene and polypropylene resins which essentially are plastic products. Just like any other plastic products, artificial grass will melt given enough heat which can come from various sources such as sunlight reflections and etc.. on average, the melting point of artificial grass is at between 190-210 degrees F. 

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This is a really good question and also technical! The Dtex is a measuring unit from the textile industry, it is the direct measurement of the yarn’s linear density by grams (0.035 oz) per 10 kilometers (6.2 miles). By that said, the higher the Dtex number the thicker of the yarns used for artificial grass, and therefore, it can be more expensive as more materials being used. High dtex yarns have higher standard requirements for manufacturing equipment and also make it not more difficult to produce turf with lower hourly outputs which can also be considered for higher production costs. 

There is no absolute industrial standard for Dtex values for artificial grass overall, manufacturers can make whatever type of yarns at their wish, but for consumers it is always good to have the knowledge about such technical terms and make good purchasing decisions. There are a lot of really cheap low Dtex products out on the market now days especially on the internet, the prices can be very attractive, but they barely made to be even grass in my opinion, nothing but green colored thin yarn be put together: I guess you get what you are paying for in such cases. Global Sy-Turf is the tip artificial grass manufacturer in the world, all our products designed and made to last a long time. In term of Dtex, measured by each stitch (which normally consists of 20 strings of individual yarns), our product’s Dtex starts from 9000 up to 18000! Law of physics, the thicker of the material, the better of the resilience and durability: it is all about quality! More importantly, even with the best products in the industry, our pricing is also extremely competitive through our distributors and dealers nationwide. Of course, it is a combination of different technical values to make a superior product and the Dtex valve of the yarns is just one of those contributes.

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In my opinion, both sizes nails will work just fine. However, I do see in reality most people will go with 6” nails as the price differences between the 4” and 6” are marginal and theoretically the longer nails will provide better holdings. There are also two different types of nails you can choose from: regular steel  and galvanized. The main difference regular steel and galvanized nails is that steel nails will rust and galvanized nails won’t. Most people will ask the question: is rust of nails a good thing for artificial grass installations? The answer is probably not. I have found that when the steel nails getting rusted a bit, it holds the turf in place remarkably strong, and if installed with regular length grass, such rusting never even noticeable. For most installers, they might prefer to galvanized, not necessarily because it won’t rust, more important to them is that galvanized nails are sharper and easier to drive into the artificial grass and sub base which makes installation process more efficient and faster. You can find more detailed information regarding different nails at this link:

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Well, people can use artificial grass for indoors for a lot of purposes: to start as big as a sport fields in a dome to commercial indoor sport or recreation areas to residential indoor general use or sports applications. I don’t see the needs for artificial grass being installed indoors for general floor covering purposes other than recreational or sport purposes. For general floor coverings indoors, carpet, hardwood and tiles are still to be much more ideal choices. However, if you need to create an indoor surface for your recreational or sport usages, artificial grass will be the way to go. Installation of artificial grass indoors can be considered the same as carpet, and we are here to offer any help that you might need, please feel free to call, email or fill out this online form to connected with one of our experts:


Two main factors determine if your artificial grass damages are repairable or how well it can be repaired:

1. The size of the damaged area: normally it would be an easy cut and patch job if the damaged area is small. However, it the damaged area is too big (say over half of the area), it might not worth it to repair instead of replacing the entire area. Even a small damage area to be repaired, you need to know the next point about how well it can be repaired.

2. Some of the repair work for a small damaged area can be an easy job, but the end result can be different depending on how long your artificial grass has been initially installed. After years of wear and tear, even you patch an area with the exact same product and the same batch, the original and new piece won’t look the same, and it might take months if not years for them to blend in. It is just like carpet, you patch an area on a 10 years old carpet, the will look very different from old and new even they are the same product to start with. Well, a lot of people won’t think it is an “issue”, but it is always good to know.

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Freshcut is a product we have developed with our partners to eliminate the pet odors on artificial grass. It is enzyme based and designed to neutralize pet odors with a scent of fresh grass cut. This product comes with a garden hose attachment so you can simply connect and spray down the areas that have pet smell issues, your artificial grass lawn will smell like a freshly cut grass! To learn more about our Pet Deodorizer, please visit this link or contact us via phone or email:


The main raw materials used in artificial grass are PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) which are the resins for l a lot of plastic products. However, to make superior artificial grass, there are other agents and additives are required. To name couple, anti-UV agent which preserves the color and integrity of turf fibers from sunlights; additives to make the artificial grass more resilient and durable. During the past decades, engineers at Global Syn-Turf has developed and implemented many revolutionary technologies to hence our products which made us the company with the best and most complete product offering on today’s market. You can find all the detailed product specifications and testings, please visit this link:

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