Terry Pode
Joined: February 2, 2020

I just renovated my house and noticed that the side of my house looks kinda dull. My interior designer advised me why not put something green on the pavement? I told her I don't want grass because not only it requires maintenance, but it will also look so ugly due to the discoloration of the dying grass, or the soil might scatter on the pavement. She shown me pictures of small areas where there are grass and I was amazed how clean it looks. She told me they are artificial grass. I became curious about it and talked to an installer. He said it's a good alternative and I don't have to worry about the problems I am thinking about the real grass because artificial grass is low maintenance and it doesn't need soil. I tried it out and I was like, wow, my pavement doesn't look so boring anymore. I like the idea of this artificial grass. Thank goodness there's an alternative, hassle-free way of having your house some green!