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Question for SOD and TOP SOIL COST

| Mar 18, 2020 6:01 PM

Hi I would like to ask how did you guys come up with the value for unit cost on Top Soil & Sod for 5 sq.ft. on my zipcode 35801 why does it say 2.53? do you guys have the cost for top soil & sod? if so could you provide that to me is it updated?

1 Answer

The cost of installing a new natural lawn includes soil preparation. Before seeding, some basic pH testing must be done, and the results are mitigated by adding limestone mixes to make the soil less acidic, or sulfate and sulfur to decrease Ph (increase acidity.) You can buy topsoil in HomeDepot, Lowes, or any home improvement store nearby. They sell them in bags by cubic feet. In most cases, you need to add 2 inches of topsoil and mix it with the tilled down sod beneath. How to calculate how many bags of topsoil you need?  

Two cubic feet of soil will cover one square foot of soil spread at a depth of 2 inches (1 x 0.166667 = 0.166667 cubic feet) To cover 5 square feet at 2 inches depth; you will need 5 x 0.166667 =  0.8333335 cubic feet. It will cost you between $2.3 - $2.5 per bag of 0.75 CF depend on the brand and your zip code. 

We don't sell topsoil, but you can calculate and compare the initial costs of natural lawn vs. synthetic lawn installation and the maintenance comparison over the years of use at:

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