Top-notch Drainage Wise

Luke H.

Just wanted to drop a quick review on this Green Sand I've been using for my latest artificial grass projects. First off, love the green coating on this sand! It blends in super well with the turf, making the whole setup look more natural and lush. No one likes to see that odd, out-of-place sand color peeking through, right?

I've worked with both the size 16 and size 30, and they're pretty versatile. Whether it's for those backyard putting greens or just sprucing up the lawn, this sand works like a charm. It's kiln dried too, which means it's super clean and spreads evenly without any clumps. A total breeze to work with!

Drainage-wise, it's top-notch. Rain or shine, this sand keeps the turf dry and comfortable underfoot, which my clients totally appreciate. Plus, the fact that it's colored means it keeps looking good, even with a bit of wear and tear.

All in all, if you're into making your artificial grass projects pop with that extra bit of realism, this Green Sand is a game changer. Easy to work with, looks great, and does its job - what more could you ask for? Cheers!

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