Pet-Friendly Turf Installation


Presenting a pet-friendly outdoor haven featuring the Pet Turf by Global Syn-Turf (GST). This installation is a testament to our commitment to delivering spaces that cater to both the exuberance of your pets and the elegance of modern design.

This synthetic turf project features a neatly installed artificial grass area that blends seamlessly with the surrounding garden features. The grass has a rich, vibrant green hue, suggesting high-quality synthetic Pet Turf specifically designed for pet-friendly use. Alongside the turf, there's a pathway made with rectangular pavers, providing a contrast in both color and texture to the grass.

Large, contemporary round planters with young trees are spaced evenly along the edge of the turf, which may serve both as decoration and as a boundary marker. Adjacent to the planters, there's a wooden bench built into the low wall, offering a seating area that overlooks the garden. The choice of materials and plants suggests a low-maintenance, durable outdoor space suitable for pets, likely designed to withstand frequent use and to make cleaning easy. The overall look is modern and minimalist, creating a practical yet stylish area for outdoor activities.

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Fake Grass for Dogs Mountain View, California
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