Backyard Design

San Antonio Texas
Jesus Corbitt

I would like to start by thanks Global Syn Turf for referring me to a certified Global Syn Turf Distributor/Installer in my area.  Global Syn Turf told me they don't sell direct to the public and they only sell through distribution.  Global Syn Turf makes some of the most beautiful artificial turf varieties I have every seen.   I ordered artificial turf samples from 8 different companies and Global Syn Turf synthetic grass was heads above the rest.  The other turf companies artificial turf looked basic and had a shine to it.  You could just tell it was not the same quality.  

Besides the quality of the turf the installation and materials used is very important to having a nice looking yard.   The GST distributor came to my house and gave me a free full design quote for my backyard.  I wanted artificial turf, patio cover, some concrete, some pavers and some planting.  They provided me a full color video rendering of the new design for my backyard.  I have never seen technology like this.  The video rendering actually looked as if the design makeover was designed in my backyard.  I worked with the designer on a few changes and a little on the price and we were set.  I gave my 10% deposit and got an install date three weeks later.  From there the job took 2.5 weeks to install and the job came out exactly as they had designed.  I recommend this service and company to anyone wanting to make some changes to their yard.  Thanks and 5 stars to Global Syn Turf and their National Network of Certified Dealers.

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