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DIY Turf

Miami Florida
Brian Holzmeister

I am a homeowner and have been interested in artificial turf for quite some time. I looked around a lot of websites that taught you how to install artificial turf on your own. The website that was the most informative I have to say is Global Syn Turf. Com. I wanted to save a little money and try to do things myself and thought you know I would educate myself on how to install artificial grass. The globalsynturf website showed me all the steps to install artificial turf and how to do it on your own. Clearly doing the work on my own save me a lot of money I'm going to admit it was hard but I would do it again. The globalsynturf website show me all the different materials that I would use to install artificial turf like seaming cloth, glue, Nails, Turf rake, hammers, capping sprinklers, different types of in Phil's. The types of tools they recommended were carpet knife, Hammer, yard rake, shovel, wheelbarrow, tape measure, and some type of broom to brush up the turf blades. The basic installation is tearing out removing and disposing of 3 to 4 in of grass and dirt. Next you need to bring in 3 to 4 inches of crushed rock aggregate, graded and compact it. From there you lay out the turf cut it into place and seemed the turf or two pieces come together with scene Fabric and glue. You want to nail open Turf every 6 to 8 in around the perimeter of the job and on both sides of the seams. Next you top-dress the artificial turf with two pounds of the infield of your choice and brush it in with a carpet rake or a stiff brush broom. Last you clean up and start to enjoy your yard. I recommend for anyone looking to do it yourself you go to GlobalSynTurf.Com 
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