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Dog Turf

Aurora Colorado
Cesar Jacox

We decided to put an artificial turf dog run on the side of our house and a local Global Syn Turf distributor gave us a key ring of turf samples.  One of the artificial turf samples on the key ring was a turf called Pet Turf.  They explained the Pet Turf was shorter in height for easy cleaning and had extra drainage in the backing.  The turf looked and felt nice.  The Global Syn Turf Dealer sent an estimator to our house and measured the size of our side yard to be 7' wide by 33' long.  The estimator had a great idea to save us money.  The rolls of turf come 15' wide  and he said we could by a 15' turf and cut it down the middle to create two pieces that are 7.5' wide.  So we ended up only having one seam.  I appreciate this kind of honesty and help.  Thank you Global Syn Turf and your very helpful distributor in Aurora, CO.

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