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Global Syn-Turf got it right!

Lauren Chevy

This is my second try with artificial grass. Global Syn-Turf got it right! Most important Factor - IS IT SOFT?Y Yes! It's soft and VERY comfortable to walk on, play on and gently fall on, and we have it on top of concrete. Now, having said that even with the Cashmere 70 grass standing up straight (for the very most part) infill does add weight to keep it from sliding, a little bit of bounce and more cushion. 

Turf will FALL APART in 3 years. Installed Global Syn-Turf Product twice over 7 year period and it fell apart both times. Now getting the run around. Its difficult when companies don't stand behind products.
Wow! The surface is very smooth.
Cashmere soft synthetic grass 70 ounces
Cashmere 70