Halloween Turf

Jacksonville Florida
Jan Gane

Here I am on Halloween after the kids have gone to bed writing a review for an artificial turf company that I think is amazing.  I had a big party tonight for my kids and their friends for Halloween and I need artificial turf installed before the party.  I was under a deadline when I found out the party was being hosted at my house.  I was frantically searching for artificial turf com0panies that could get this done before the party on Halloween night.  I found Global Syn Turf online and called them.  They answered the phone and put me in touch with a representative that told me they are a manufacturer and sell through their distributors and do not do installations.  They referred me to an artificial turf dealer here in Jacksonville that gave me a quote and promised they could get the installation done by Halloween.  They started the job one week and ago and got done two days a go.  They got the job done in time for Halloween and I could not be more grateful.  I want to thank Global Syn Turf and the artificial turf dealer here in Florida for getting the job done.

Turf Technology