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Riley and I just love the feel of Pet Turf!
Riley and I just love the feel of Pet Turf! I was looking for artificial grass since last fall, wondering if it's truly the right decision for us, and I am so happy we've made a call. It seemed like a huge project, but in reality, it was quick and simple. Guys came by in a couple of days, and we set up a day for installation. My backyard is not big, 530 sq.ft. but the grass made it shine. Those rolls are heavy, and the preparation was very detailed, took longer than the turf installation itself. The results are fantastic. We love our new perfect yard. Thanks!
Dec 20, 2019
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Dec 24, 2019
Look at the dog's expression!
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Artificial Grass For Dogs
With the Pet Turf, you dont have to worry about dirty and muddy paws on your kitchen floors. Installed artificial grass keeps the danger of ticks, fleas, and other pests down. It is known that some pesticides and fertilizers can cause some serious sicknesses in animals.
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Global Syn-Turf, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of high-quality artificial grass in the United States and Canada. The company offers an extensive selection of products for commercial and residential landscapes, playgrounds, sports athletic fields, municipalities, golf putting greens and pet areas. Global Syn-Turf, Inc. provides innovative, environmentally friendly synthetic turf systems which require little maintenance, no water, pesticides, or fertilizers through multiple company-owned distribution centers across the United States. The state-of-the-art artificial grass offers realism, drainage, performance, safety, and durability. Global Syn-Turf is the exclusive artificial grass partner of San Francisco 49ers.

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