This a multi-purpose area with GST's Double W-85 turf in San Fernando, California

Jayden Heightz

I just moved into this new town house community, they already your Double W-85 for the general play and entertainment area. This facility was one of the reasons we bought the house so my kids can play on it. The turf must have been installed several years ago, but still looks great. One important thing, they didn't put any crumb rubber in the turf, the grass was so thick I guess they won't need it. Color wise, it is on the darker side, more of mutual lawn look. I personally might go with a bit lighter color, but hey this is not my yard and I can live with that. Watching my kids playing on it is a great pleasure which prompt me to write a review about it. I honestly think we should have more of these multi-purpose fields in communities, no maintenance, no chemicals, no loud noise of mowing, no watering, you name it, absolutely no brainer.

I like the color to be a bit lighter. This one is too dark for me.
I personally like the darker grass as shown in the picture.
Good grass choice for this application.
Always hope to have such facilities near me.

Artificial Grass Installation in Oxnard, California
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