Turf Installation Accessories

Fort Worth Texas
Mark Hamonds

I look high and low searching for the right artificial turf company.  I found Global Syn Turf and they seemed like the company for me.  I reached out to them and they told me immediately they were a manufacturer of artificial turf, did not do installations and only sold their artificial turf through dealers.  They sent me about 12 skus of artificial turf and a menu list of installation accessories.  Besides their artificial turfs looking so nice, unique, soft and not shiny they had a huge selection of installation accessories.  They have 9 different infills:  Silica Sand 16, Silica Sand 30, Silica Sand 60, Green Sand 16, Green Sand 30, WonderFill 12/20, Wonder fill 16/30, ZeoFill and T-Cool Sand.  Wow, so many infills so I asked what they were for.  Apparently the higher the number the smaller the grain of sand.  The higher number smaller grains of sand are more for putting greens.  The smaller number larger grains of sand are for regular landscape artificial turf.    The Wonder fill is an acrylic coasted, anti microbial infill with rounded grains of sand.  The ZeoFill apparently is a odor absorbing infill that helps take away the odor from pet urine.  Last is the T-Cool which helps cool the artificial turf down 30-60 degrees.   They also have Shock Pads and Playground Pads for putting greens and playgrounds.  They have three different kinds of nails and staples.   Lots of different sizes of Seam Fabric and glue sizes for seaming the artificial turf.  For golf they have different size putting green cups, different color putting green flags and golf poles.  They also carry turf brooms, weed barrier and pet neutralizer.  I had my artificial turf installed from a Global Syn Turf dealer here in town and it looks amazing.  I recommend you call Global Syn Turf today to find a dealer near you.

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