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Artificial Grass Technologies

Technologies used to manufacture synthetic turf change every year. Twenty years ago when artificial grass was too expensive for the majority of medium-size companies, Diamond-shaped blades of grass existed only in our wildest sci-fi dreams. Today, we have more than eleven types of leave's design, and this number increases as we expand. Being the biggest manufacturer of synthetic grass with the largest inventory in the United States, we can foresee the future of the synthetic turf industry. There is a universal need in using less and less natural resources and in developing the alternative base to satisfy our needs in beauty and comfort. Artificial grass is not all that new, but technologies of manufacturing advance every day. Being the front-runner in the synthetic turf industry, we are looking into the future and making it happen today.

With more than eleven distinct blade designs, Kool-max, Fresh Cut, and Flo-Rite-Thru technologies are more than just options. From performance to the look and smell, from simple, flat grass leaves to the most advanced complicated technologies in synthetic turf's manufacturing, we are integrating our drive for perfection into millions of people's everyday lives.

Artificial Grass Blade Designs

The S blade is made to reflect sunlight in a way that makes it look good. In other words, the turf won't have a white look when faced with sunlight. The W-Blade design keeps the turf cooler than other artificial grasses. It remains at least fifteen degrees cooler at all times, making it a suitable choice in hot and sunny areas. The V-Shape blade is designed to make turf stand up straighter and taller than other grasses, making it look realistically tall. Similar to the V-design, the C-design is also designed to stand straight especially under significant pressure. The Stemgrass blade design has a realistic look and feel, making it one of the most popular product choices. The hollow blade design is similar to the W-Blade. It not only looks realistic but also keeps turf cooler on hot days.

The Seven Stem design is the market favorite. This is the superstar of the synthetic turf primarily due to its incredibly realistic look, and for sure you will not find this type of artificial turf anywhere else but at Global Syn-Turf. The double W blade design is durable and can resist high temperatures, making it an excellent choice for high traffic areas. The U-blade is extremely durable, mainly used on sports fields and playgrounds. The M-Blade allows the light pass through the surface in multiple directions, eliminating the shiny, synthetic look of most artificial grass on the market. As with naturally growing grass, M-shaped blade reflects light at various angles preventing water, or mirror effects of flat, even surfaces. The diamond blade is one of the most popular designs due to its all-around good durability, feel, and looks.

Cooling Technology

Kool-Max Technology latest cooling artificial grass turf

Kool-Max technology was introduced to the artificial grass industry in 2013. Before Kool-Max it wasn't possible to say which type of synthetic turf that look realistic and does not overheat under excess sunlight. If you live in California, Arizona, Florida or Texas, keeping your lawn at least fifteen percent cooler makes a lot of sense. With Kool-Max it's cooler, guaranteed!

Pet Grass Technology

 Flo-Rite-Thru technology drainage pet turf dog grass synthetic artificial

Flo-Rite-Thru technology is used in all of our pet-grass products. You may not notice a difference at first since a pet grass looks as realistic and green as all other types, but the secret is "inside the box." What is the primary quality of synthetic turf for pets? Placing synthetic lawn in your backyard make it look fantastic, of course, but does it always make it smell good, especially after weeks of intense pet use?

The invention of Flo-Rite-Thru technology resolves the issue we might have on hands before it hits. Pet grass produced by Global Syn-Turf triples the time of liquid drainage dramatically improving the smell, life-expectancy and the look of turf over time. It allows pet urine to quickly "flow through" without leaving unwanted odors or marks. Flo-Rite-Thru technology is a must have for pet-grass.

FreshCut Technology

Freshcut technology Global Syn-Turf smell of freshly mowed lawn

The new FreshCut technology allows you to enjoy your favorite smell of freshly mowed lawn while kicking back on traditional maintenance expenses. If you have a synthetic lawn, the only thing you might miss after a sweet taste of an extensive list of benefits is the smell. If so, FreshCut is made just for you. With the bottle of FreshCut, you can enjoy the aroma of freshly cut grass at any time.

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