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Artificial Grass Technology

Technologies used to manufacture synthetic turf change every year. Twenty years ago when artificial grass was too expensive for the majority of medium-size companies, a Diamond-shaped synthetic fiber existed only in the wildest sci-fi dreams. Today, we have more than eleven types of artificial turf shape designs, and this number increases as we expand. Being the leading manufacturer and supplier of synthetic grass with the most extensive inventory in the United States, Global Syn-Turf foresees the future. There is a universal need for using less natural resources and developing the alternative base to satisfy our requirements in beauty and comfort. Artificial grass is not all that new, but the manufacturing technology advances every day. Being the front-runner in the synthetic turf industry, Global Syn-Turf is looking into the future and making it happen today.

With more than eleven distinct blade designs, Kool-max, Fresh Cut, and Flo-Rite-Thru technologies are more than just options. From performance to the look and smell, from simple, flat grass leaves to the most advanced complicated technologies in synthetic turf's manufacturing, we are integrating our drive for perfection into millions of people's everyday lives.

Artificial Grass Cooling Technology

Replacing natural grass with synthetic turf is a successful water conservation practice that saves millions of dollars in maintenance and irrigation costs annually. However, artificial grass surfaces temperatures in hot, dry climates exceed those natural turf fields.

According to researchers at the University of Nevada, artificial grass temperature can get as high as 169 degrees Fahrenheit, which significantly limits its recreational use during hot summer months. While the thermal properties of artificial grass are more critical for parks and athletic fields, it can become a problem for homeowners as well, especially if you have kids or pets. Artificial grass may not get as hot as hardscape, sand, or concrete pavements, but it also not as cool as natural grass.

If you plan to install artificial grass, you can avoid the overheating by choosing synthetic fibers and infills, that help to reduce the surface temperature.

Learn how to keep artificial grass cool and choose materials that fit your taste and budget.

TCool Artificial Grass Synthetic Turf Cooling Technology Bades on Evaporative Cooling - Infill

TCool synthetic turf solution works on the evaporative cooling principle. It helps to store moisture within the synthetic turf systems, and when solar energy heats the turf, the evaporation process takes heat energy to break intermolecular bonds between water particles, instead of changing the kinetic energy in thermoplastic turf blades.

It looks like natural grass, but the turf manufactured by Global Syn-Turf has been the setting of many milestones of an innovative cooling technology that became to be the part of our landscape. Research and testing have shown that a KoolMax synthetic grass system can keep the surface temperature significantly below average.

Synthetic Fibers Shape: Choose Smart Turf

Synthetic fiber shapes artificial grass realism, durability, resilience, heat retention

When shopping for artificial grass, a lot of people naturally focus on nylon fibers and often assume that nylon is always better than polyethylene. However, synthetic turf material is only one of the factors that you need to consider. Equally important are turf construction factors like density, filament type, and fiber's shape. All of these elements together determine how synthetic grass will perform and what it will cost. When shopping for artificial turf, it helps to have a general understanding of these factors to make the best decision. Continue - Synthetic Turf Fiber Shapes Design

Artificial Grass Drainage Technology: Flo-Rite-Thru

With synthetic grass, the fiber material and shape is the star of the show. But the backing, the backbone of the turf systems, is also important. It becomes even more so when you have dogs and pets. Artificial grass increases safety and cleanliness, eliminates maintenance costs, but without proper drainage, pets' potty can cause issues with messes and a smell. For pet owners, Global Syn-Turf offers synthetic grass solutions to solve the complicated battle of drainage and your pets.

Artificial Grass for dogs drainage Flo-Rite-Thru pets dog

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