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Flo-Rite-Thru Pet Grass Technology

Our dogs love our lawns as much as we do, though it's nearly impossible to have a perfectly manicured lawn and a household with a dog. We love our lawns for their looks, while our canine friends enjoy them as a place to play, run, roll on their backs, dig and do their business. The fundamental problem with urine and feces on the lawn is that they result in lawn burn or dead grass patches. For homeowners who are dog lovers, this sets on a dilemma, especially when your lawn chasing away more potential buyers than it's drawing in. Or, some of your family members might be disturbed by a messy look of your backyard. When it comes down to this, it might be a good time to consider synthetic lawn as a valuable addition or a replacement of your existing landscape. The synthetic lawn has tons of benefits for dog lovers, but not all artificial turf products drain equally.

Efficient drainage is the key in artificial grass system. No one likes water puddles on their lawn every time it rains. Severe storms and heavy rainfalls can be a factor in water stagnation. While it looks bad enough, standing water isn't just an aesthetic issue; it can impact the health of your plants and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other unwanted pests. If the larvae of these insects are left undisturbed, they start to grow into disease-transmitting adults. Mosquitoes carry a host of diseases such as malaria, encephalitis, and dengue. They can also carry heartworms and tapeworms dangerous for pets. Proper artificial grass installation along with the use of turf that allows quick drainage prevents the possibility of standing water and helps to avoid the risk of the insect infestation.

The proprietary Flo-Rite-Thru technology by Global Syn-Turf is specifically designed to allow water to drain quickly through the turf backing down to the subbase layers into the soil underneath. In other words, synthetic turf with Flo-Rite-Thru technology is permeable, which means that rain, dog urine, and other liquids can flow through the surface quickly to allow immediate removal of water excess. Believe it or not, synthetic lawns are actually better in drainage than natural grass lawns. This, of course, assumes that the turf subbase is installed well and allows efficient water runoff.

Another common question of dog owners is a smell. Do you need to clean turf every time your dog does their business? Does it leave a smell?

Dog urine is an issue with all soft and hardscapes if they are regularly used as a restroom by your pets. Grass lawns, paving stone walkways, concrete patios can become a source of an undesired aroma. Good drainage is the main factor in managing the smell of dog pee in your yard. If you install turf that doesn't allow sufficient drainage or the turf subbase doesn't meet proper drainage requirements, the smell can become a big issue.

With Flo-Rite-Thru technology, your lawn drains quickly minimizing chances of giving off ammonia gas. It doesn't mean salts and crystals left behind will not produce an odor. But it would not damage turf as it will with any other surface material such as carpet or wood floors. It will not change the dye structure, or cause permanent staining or color change. The complex organic compounds in urine will not work into the fibers to a point you can't get rid of them. You can simply hose off the residue off the surface with a mix of water and vinegar to get rid of unpleasant smells. There are also pet-friendly infills you can use on synthetic turf to kill bacteria caused by your pets pee.

Although pets are an important part of millions of lives, it can be frustrating to look outside and see burnt grass. You may believe it's just part of living with dogs. However, it doesn't have to be the case. You can have a beautiful lawn and take pride in it. With artificial grass Flo-Rite-Thru perfect drainage technology, you don't need to worry about watering, mowing, or fertilizing your lawn. You don't need to observe yellow or brown spots and envy the dog-less neighbor yards. Pet turf system is the guaranteed way to end lawn issues and ensure safe and healthy living with your furry friends.

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