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What are the four most common uses of artificial turf?

| Mar 3 11:58 AM

Just wondering where a lot of people usually install their turf so I could get some ideas.

1 Answer

Well, the artificial grass applications can be many, not necessarily only limited to four. Here is my summary of artificial grass usages:

1. Sports fields: Most of today’s sports fields have been using artificial grass for its low maintenance and superior functions.

2. General landscape: Compared with real grass lawns, artificial grass saves water and require minimum maintenance and has been becoming a solid replacement of real grass.

3. Golf putting greens: It is impossible to have real putting greens in your back yard, with artificial turf, your dream becomes true.

4. Pet applications: artificial grass is perfect for dogs, it provides excellent drainage, easy to clean and not getting muddy or messy regardless the weather!

Again, there are many other other applications for artificial grass, the list can go on and on. Please feel free to reach us via phone or email to discuss about your specific applications.

Mar 4
I agree! artificial grass is very convenient and muti-purpose. It is a must-have!
Mar 5
I used artificial grass for my landscape and pet. It's the best option!
Mar 5
My mom used artificial grass for our center table and mat in our doorway. It looks good.
Mar 5
I saw a golf course use artificial grass. It's actually good playing on it.

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