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What I should do with the excess off cuts from my artificial grass?

| Jan 29 2:47 PM
1 Answer

Just like carpet leftovers, depending on the sizes of the leftovers, you can cut the artificial grass into a door mat or mat for your patio area. Or simply roll them up and store them away for future possibilities. If for any reason you need to replace a small section of your turf, you will always have it to use. Again, like carpet, sometimes people ruined their carpet by accident, and they can cut out the ruined area and use leftovers to patch it up. 

Jan 30
Good thing there's still some other way to use the leftovers. No wasted artificial turf!
Jan 31
I kept mine for future use. In case my installed artificial grass will be ruined, I can patch it with the leftovers.
Feb 1
I will use the excess artificial grass at my wall when I get the chance!
Feb 2
I made use of mine by installing it on our stairway. Going up and down on it feels like a whole new experience.
Feb 2
I converted it into a table centerpiece! It was perfect because I used it during the holidays.
Feb 5
Keeping the excess of your artificial grass is very handy in the future in case you need to patch it up. I talked based on my experience. )

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