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What is the difference between the Wonderedge and Wonderboard?

| Jun 28 9:27 AM

What is the difference between the Wonderedge and Wonderboard? Which one is better for edging?

1 Answer

You must have meant Wonderedge vs bender board. Both products are used for artificial grass edging and there isn’t clear advantages from one over the other, but the followings are what my opinions:

1. Wonderedge is specially designed and made for artificial grass applications, it is made of plastic, overall product is thinner and lighter in weight which make it extremely easy to bend and making shape along the edges. The product’s profile is very artificial grass friendly with nailing flaps to secure the turf in place. Again, being specially designed and made, Wonderedge doesn’t have any shortcomings when comes to artificial grass edging finishes.

2. Benderboard is a very common edging material generally used in the landscape world, a lot of landscapers are familiar with the products and used to its installations. Bender board is normally used along with the stakes which to secure the bender board in place. The bender board, a more general purpose edging material, is much thicker and a bit harder to bend compare to Wonderedge. Overall, people might have a feel of bender board being more solid and sturdy.

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