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Why Artificial Grass is Great For Your Dogs

Stress-Free Landscape

You might be entirely happy with your dog's behavior and attitude, but when the potty training doesn't go well, it can be very stressful for dog owners. Many people give up their dogs because they are renovating their house or landscape. They don't want the animal to scratch up their new hardwoods, disturb precious flower beds, dig up lawns or destroy the perfect visual greenery in their yards. That's a difference artificial grass offers.

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With a synthetic lawn, you don't need to worry about brown spots on your lawn or dirty paws in your house. It looks perfectly green and lush, no matter how many dogs you've got. Synthetic lawn drains well, eco-friendly and safe for your pets.

Sustainable Pet Parenting

Artificial grass by Global Syn-Turf is 100% lead-free and non-toxic. Being environmentally friendly is becoming more important. It goes far beyond turning off lights and separating our garbage for recycling; it's the act to live with intent, the intent to prevent harm to the environment. Our pets are a big part of the eco-system. We share many close bonds with our canine companions, and there are more than one billion of domestic dogs across the near-global distribution. The ecological pawprint is much greater than we may believe.

From bamboo pet products to purr-fect artificial grass, there are some options to make into sustainable pet parenting.

Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass Infills

Installing artificial grass outdoor requires the infill. Infills range from synthetic crumb rubber to organic solutions such as Silica Sand. The best choice for dog-related installations is Zeolite infill. It helps to neutralize ammonia odor contained in the dog's pee.

Learn more about Zeolite here.

Pet-Odor Neutralizers

Dogs owners often wonder if the dog's urine will change the color of artificial grass. The answer is not. Unlike natural grass, its artificial counterpart doesn't absorb elements of pets' waste. Dog urine quickly drains through the porous backing and prevents buildup. Hosing down the area eliminates a lingering mess. As a part of cleaning measures, using the pet-odor neutralizers will ensure the long, odor-free life of your synthetic lawn.

If you worry about chemicals contained in manufactured artificial grass disinfectants, you can make a variety of your own homemade cleaners by mixing soap, vinegar, and water, or blend baking soda with water and sprinkle on the affected areas.