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Why is sand infill sometimes used?

| Feb 9 5:47 AM

I've read somewhere that sand infill is the best infill to use but some say that you should not use it.

2 Answers

Infills are always important for artificial grass installations as it will not only help turf fibers standing up but also minimize the expansions and contractions of the grass to prevent wrinkles, seam and edge failures. To your specific question, in my opinion, sand is not the best infill, but the most expensive option. Most of people choose sand infills as it does the job without breaking the budget, there is nothing wrong with sand being an infill product, all other options such as green color and antimicrobial coated products will give you extra upgrades and also cost more.  

It will be perfectly fine for you to use sand as infills as it will get the job done. However, if your budget allows, you can go with upgraded version of infills such as green sand, antimicrobial coated sand, zeolite or TCool. Here is the link to all our infill products:

Feb 10
I used TCool even it's expensive than the other infills because I feel that it's worth the price.

Regular kiln dried silica sand will be the least expensive way to go for your infill needs. These sands come in as mesh 16 or 30. The general rule of infill is to use bigger particles (16 mesh) for regular landscape artificial grass, and smaller grains (30 mesh) for putting green artificial grass.

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