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Will odor be an issue when using artificial grass?

| Feb 16 10:41 AM

I don't want my backyard to smell horrible.

1 Answer

It is a good question. From time to time, dog urine odor can become a problem for pets owners, regardless for real grass or artificial grass. However, with artificial grass, there are ways of preventing such issues and there are ways to resolve such problems. 

When you are installing the artificial grass, you want to use zeolite infill as it will help neutralizing the pet urine smells. To find our more on how zeolite infill works, please visit this link:

In any cases of the bad odor has already become an issue with your artificial grass, you should use vinegar or our Pet Odor Neutralizer to get rid of it: all you need is a garden hose attached bottle for your vinegar and spray throughout the smell area; if you use our Neutralizer, it comes as a bottle with garden hose attaching on it already. Here is the link:

Feb 17
I became curious with that zeolite infill. I'll make sure to visit this link because I don't want to deal with a stinky artificial grass too.
Feb 18
Vinegar works for me since that is the only organic odor remover that's never absent in my kitchen.

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