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With a lot of use, will the artificial grass flatten?

| Feb 11 4:34 AM

Does the blades of the artificial grass go flat if used heavily everyday?

3 Answers

Yes, with a lot of consistent heavy traffic and use, the artificial grass will get flattened over time. Even though our turf are all engineered with the best resilience possible, but you simply can't overcome the law of physics. You can prevent such issues by adding more infills which will help the fibers standing up better and longer, or brushing/raking the turf periodically after use. However, most people will leave it alone as the integrity of the artificial grass is in tact and you might not want to spend much time to keep up with it, all the functions and benefits of artificial grass will not be compromised even though the fibers flattened during time....

Feb 12
Well, I guess all things are bound to be damaged over time. Artificial turfs will last longer if we take care of it or depending on how we maintain it.
Feb 13
Well, this should be understandable since everything has its ending.
Feb 18
I will take note of that for future reference. Infills, raking the artificial turf periodically and good maintenance of course. Can't wait to have a beautiful lawn.

These can be avoided by regularly brushing the artificial turf after use.


All artificial grass will get flattened given consistent heavy traffic and usage on it. Most of the fibers are more resilient and easier to brushed/raked up than other competitors.

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