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Artificial Grass In Albuquerque, New Mexico

Front yard landscaping with artificial grass. Parks, playgrounds, residential and commercial applications with turf, sports fields. Europe and asia, 000, our manufacturing facilities are currently producing thousands of square feet of synthetic turf products and being sold to over 60 countries in USA. New Mexico, fake grass installations, pet and child friendly, environmental friendly, natural looking, best warranty in artificial grass industry, long lasting and durable, installations in Albuquerque, realistic looking, synthetic lawn, synthetic grass, artificial turf, playground, artificial grass, synthetic turf, artificial lawn, synthetic lawn, synthetic grass, artificial turf, playground, artificial grass, synthetic turf, artificial lawn. Synthetic turf and creative ideas with artificial grass, synthetic grass. cares about the environment and we are proud to contribute to the greening of our planet earth. New Mexico, artificial grass, artificial grass, synthetic lawn, synthetic grass, artificial turf, synthetic turf, artificial lawn, playground, artificial grass, synthetic lawn, synthetic grass, artificial turf, synthetic turf, artificial lawn, playground, installations in Albuquerque, featuring Emerald-92 Stemgrass and Putt-60 emerald product, synthetic grass, residential back yard design and installation with artificial grass, synthetic grass, residential back yard design and installation with artificial grass, synthetic grass. Our lead-free synthetic turf products are safe for both humans and animals and ideal for residential and commercial landscapes, sports fields and pets. Water saving landscaping design and ideas with artificial grass and water conservation, synthetic turf, synthetic grass. Environmental friendly, best warranty in artificial grass industry, long lasting and durable, fake grass installations, pet and child-friendly, realistic looking, natural looking. Our product line ranges from 40oz to 90oz (face weight) with variable color/shade selections. Synthetic grass, artificial turf and synthetic turf, low-cost artificial grass, fake grass. Our products have passed vigorous tests and far exceed government standards (Test results provided upon request). Artificial turf and synthetic grass, synthetic turf, desert landscape design and ideas with artificial grass. We provide a 10-year warranty (turf only) with a projected life of 20 years. Landscaping ideas and design. Inc, global syn-turf. Rooftop and back yard landscaping with synthetic turf/synthetic grass.

Artificial Grass In Albuquerque, New Mexico
Coolest Synthetic Grass

W Blade-60

Performance Series | Engineered Blades
Ideal for hot climates and extreme weather, pet areas, playgrounds, landscapes. Unique W Blade technology diffuses light and heat creating a turf that is 15 degrees cooler than its competition.
Cool Artificial Grass

W Blade-80

Performance Series | Engineered Blades
Engineered with KoolMax Technology, the unique W blade shape diffuses sunlight and heat through the curves of its blades, lowering the overall temperature of the turf up to 15 degrees.
Residential Fake Grass

Emerald-92 Stemgrass

Emerald Series
Looks more realistic than many of its competitors and can handle up to heavy levels of foot traffic with resilient qualities that make it perfect for pet areas, recreation areas and meticulously designed landscapes.
Artificial grass green synthetic turf fake grass always green thatching for landscapes lawns deck patio rooftops

Evergreen-54 Green on Green

Evergreen Series
Tested for resiliency and durability. Designed for playgrounds, pet areas, and high function landscapes. Economically smart choice that lowers monthly lawn maintenance costs & water bills.
Artificial Turf For Businesses

Mt. Sierra Super 94

Mt. Sierra Series
Soft to the touch, Sierra Super-94 is a popular choice for lawns at homes with families and pets who love to play outside. This durable turf will not only lower monthly water and maintenance bills but allow
Fake Turf Grass


Spring Series
Perfect for your commercial or residential landscape designs, safe for children & pets. Soft blades of green grass will last year after year despite extreme weather and wear. Transform your yard into a perfect, lush green lawn.
Backyard Putting Green

Putt-40 Emerald

Putting Greens
Excellent Putting Green

Putt-46 BiColor

Putting Greens
Putting Green Grass

Putt-60 Bicolor

Putting Greens
Synthetic Putt Putt

Putt-60 Emerald

Putting Greens

Responses To Artificial Grass In Albuquerque, New Mexico

Reminders For Choosing Artificial Grass Albuquerque, NM

Reminders For Choosing Artificial Grass Albuquerque, NM

All too often a person thinks a major purchase is cut and dried, and they simply go pick out something they want, pay for it and have it installed. But when it comes to replacing natural grass with an alternative it is a good idea to remember a few points to give special attention. Let's consider a few reminders when choosing Artificial Grass Albuquerque, NM.

Keep in mind that alternatives offer a huge reduction in maintenance and expense. Whether it's saving money on water bills because the lawn no longer needs water or reduction in time spent mowing the yard, it is clear that the low maintenance factor is a big plus. In addition, the hours spent by an employee for lawn care can now be redirected to other matters of concern to a smooth business operation.

One of the benefits of commercially manufactured products is the ability to build in easy care features. Alternative lawn covering is both pet-friendly and beautiful as well as very easy to keep clean. For most of the year, outside installations are cleaned by the rain and remain impressive to passersby for many years to come. And also provide a nice place to entertain guests and hold family cookouts.

Remember to ask about how color fast plays an important role in choosing replacements for seeded lawns. The latest in technology has provided consumers with all types of outdoor products that hold their shape and consistency while also maintaining their original colors. Scientific breakthroughs offer advanced durability for a long lasting and enjoyable experience in property improvements.

Warranty is a vital point to consider before making your final choice of brands and professional dealers. Have them clarify exactly what the factory warranty covers and if it includes installation and workmanship. Reputable concerns know how important it is to provide the very best installation and know from experience which materials holdup better under in-use applications. With Global Syn-Turf artificial grass, available in Albuquerque, NM, you have ten year's warranty.

Make a point to ask about any charges for providing you with an estimate on the total cost. Most representatives offer free estimates, but some of them may have service call fees which are important to find out about before making a purchase. Ask them why there would be a need for a service call, and then if it is a fixed fee, or dependent on the particular claim.

On the rare occasion, a person does not like and expect an attractive surrounding but most people place a high degree of importance on beautiful landscaping. And applications of alternative seeded lawn covering must meet up with those expectations. Even shower rooms at pool side and utility rooms are perfect places to install carefree choices for easier living.

When considering making a change to superior products it is important to investigate such issues as factory warranty, durability, ease of cleaning, costs of estimates if not free, and what colors and materials are best for the area of installation. Using a little common sense and gathering facts will help you choose the product that provides you with many years of enjoyment in maintenance free lawn care.

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Artificial Grass Cost Calculator. Water and money you save

Artificial Grass Cost Calculator

Get installation costs immediately! Calculate synthetic lawn vs. natural turf maintenance, initial installation prices, labor and landscape services costs, gallons of water you use every year. Start now and save!

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Artificial Grass Calculator: Materials

Instantly get the list of materials you need for installation with associated amounts, costs, and rental equipment fees.

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