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Artificial Grass Installation Supplies

Global Syn-Turf offers every tool you need to cut and fit artificial grass and putting greens from nails, staples, bender boards, lawn, and shock pads, glues, seaming solutions, golf cups, flags and lights to organic infills and maintenance accessories. Aside from carrying the most exclusive synthetic turf products available, we stock every tool and accessory you can imagine to complete the job and get it done right. Think of us as a one-stop-shop for all your turf needs. Whether you are an experienced installer or a motivated DIY homeowner, we can help you get the job done faster and more efficiently.

Kiln Dry Silica Sand for Artificial Grass Installation - Global Syn-Turf
Artificial Grass Infill

Infill for artificial grass is used to fill the space between the blade with a filler made of granular materials. Infill adds ballast, resilience and natural feel that helps withstand typical daily traffic.

Artificial Grass Installation Seaming
Artificial Grass Seaming

The best way to secure seams involves the adhesive method - the tape/fabric and glue for seaming help to prevent unraveling and delamination of turf backings and yarns and can be used to repair bubbles.

Golf Accessories for Synthetic Turf
Putting Greens Supplies

If you are considering installing a backyard putting green, you'll benefit from the every day low prices Global Syn-Turf has to offer on golf accessories such as golf cups, flags, and flagsticks.

Installation Nails for synthetic grass
Hardware: Nails & Staples

For most sub-base conditions, using the specialty nails and staples to secure edges and seams of turf is the standard practice. It keeps the turf in place for a clean, professional installation.

Playgrounds Safety

Padding is required for artificial grass playground installations. Our non-toxic, antimicrobial pads offer a soft, safe cushioning system beneath the turf and allow quick draining.

Artificial Grass Installation Maintenance Brooming
Artificial Grass Maintenance Supplies

While artificial grass is maintenance-free, you may want to purchase extra accessories to clean it from debris, add a smell of freshly-cut grass, or neutralize unpleasant odors.

Wonder Edge Lawns Gardening Supplies
Artificial Grass Edging

Lawn edging forms a barrier between sections of lawn and garden space complimenting your synthetic turf landscape and keeps exterior nails and staples in place.

Gopher wire mesh for synthetic turf installation
Weeds Pests Protection

Add a layer of protection from weeds and underground critters such as gophers and moles that also acts as an additional stabilizer for your synthetic lawn.

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