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Global Syn-Turf offers every tool you need to cut and fit artificial grass and putting greens from nails, staples, bender boards, lawn, and shock pads, glues, seaming solutions, golf cups, flags and lights to organic infills and maintenance accessories. Aside from carrying the most exclusive synthetic turf products available, we stock every tool and accessory you can imagine to complete the job and get it done right. Think of us as a one-stop-shop for all your turf needs. Whether you are an experienced installer or a motivated DIY homeowner, we can help you get the job done faster and more efficiently.

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To protect your privacy, please fill out this online form with your contact information and one of our team members will reach out to you immediately to discuss about your project and sample request, here is the links: Or you can always feel free to call us at 877 796 8873 or email us at [email protected], thank you!

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Weed barriers used for artificial grass are made of PP (polypropylene), it is a fabric and flexible to work with. We recommend to install the weed barriers underneath the turf, therefore, it will not be exposed for human’s contact. Like many plastic products on the market, weed barriers are not harmful to kids, since it will be buried under the artificial grass and won’t be exposed to kids, so you can certainly have a peace of mind on using it. For any further questions, please feel free to call us at 877 796 8873 or email us at [email protected], thank you.
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Since the artificial putting green is made with very tight fibers, and it is always recommended to use smaller grit infills in order to brush in properly, and I personally like green color infills to blend in better with the putting green. So the max grit of infill is #30 or smaller, we do carry such infill materials, to learn more, please feel free to call at 877 796 8873 or email us at [email protected] or simply fill out this online form, thank you:

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It has become very popular design of installing artificial grass between pavers or concrete nowadays. To best illustrate the process in details, please visit this YouTube video: If you have any further questions after watching this video, please feel free to leave your comments on this board or call us at 877 796 8873 or email us at [email protected], thank you.
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Our W Blade-80 artificial grass is perfect for medium or heavy traffic areas. The turf has a “W” shaped blades which deflect the light well to keep the grass cool and the appearance to be less shinny. It is one of the most popular turf on our lineup with great great looking vibrant colors that blend in well in most of metropolitan areas. For samples or distributors/dealers where you can check out the product, please fill out this online form: If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at 877 796 8873, or email us at [email protected], thank you.

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Generally speaking, all different types of infills can be used for playground applications. However, the safest choose will be our wonderfill infill product for artificial grass playground. The wonderfill is not only coated with green color which blends in well with the turf, but also with antimicrobial agent which prevents bacteria and germs from growing. To learn more about the wonderfill product, please visit this link: For any other questions you might have, you can talk to one of our experts by calling us at 877 796 8873 or email us at [email protected], thank you.

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it is always recommended for installers to be very careful while removing or excavating the soils before installation of artificial grass to avoid damaging any underground pipes and sprinklers. Typically you will only need to remove about 4” thick of the soil to build the sub base for your turf, and most of underground pipes should be buried deeper than that, so chances of damaging pipes or sprinklers while installing artificial grass are low. To find out the pros and cons on keeping your existing sprinkler systems, please visit my previous post: For any further questions, please feel free to call us at 877 796 8873 or email us at [email protected], thank you.

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There are two type of nails used for artificial grass installations: regular steel nail (installation nails) or galvanized nails, and both nails are recommended by us even though there are some pros and cons for each. I had a previous posting to explain the differences of nails and nail sizes, please check it out at: If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach us by phone: 877 796 8873 or email us at [email protected], thank you.

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As of today’s turf world, artificial grass used for outdoor sport fields mostly require infills which a combination of sand and cushioning particles to not only hold the turf in place, but more importantly provide sufficient GMAX fall ratings so people play sports on such artificial grass surfaces won’t get hurt when they fall. Technically, if the infills are not preferred by the end user, we can use cushioning pads under the turf to provide the same fall rating, however, such application can be much more costly. For indoor sport fields, the cushioning pads have been used more especially for smaller sized facilities. For any further questions,  feel free to call us at 877 796 8873 or email us at [email protected], or fill out this online form by providing us with details of your project, thank you:

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Absolutely not! One of the key advantages of having artificial grass is to eliminate the usage of fertilizers which can contaminate the soil and underground water and harmful for human and our environment. Please feel free to let us know if you have any other questions by phone: 877 796 8873 or email: [email protected], thank you.

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The best way to start is to review the general artificial grass installation guide is to visit this link: Once you get an general idea of how turf should be installed and still have any specific issues, you will find a lot of installation techniques and tips at this YouTube channel: Please always feel free to call us at 877 796 8873 or email us at [email protected] for any further questions or concerns, thank you.

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Technically you can use any type of infills to go with our SuperNatural-80 turf. Infills for artificial grass are not necessarily categorized by usage on specific products, rather by the functionalities and budgets. Here are some general recommendations for different type of infills:

1. For general purpose of providing extra weight on the turf to prevent it from expansions and contractions and to help the turf blade standing up, you can use any infills.

2. For coloring concerns, you can use green sands which blends better with the grass, this is especially true for artificial putting greens.

3. To keep the artificial grass cool, Tcool infills are recommended.

4. To help neutralize the pet urine odors, we recommend to use Zeolite infills.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call us at 877 796 8873 or email us at [email protected], thank you!

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We will love to provide any help on your project. Please fill out this online form with your project details so we can better assist you: More specifically, we would like to know what is current surface of your patio where artificial grass will be installed, and if the edges of the turf will be exposed. Depending on the current surface, the installation techniques and tools will be different. 

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As of now, we only offer Tcool infills in natural sand color, not green, please feel free to let us know if you have any other questions, thank you.

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If you choose to use our golf cups for your putting green project, the outer diameter of our golf cups is 4-1/4”, so you will need to cut the hole to be exactly at 4-1/4”. Please feel free to let us know if you have any other questions by phone: 877 796 8873 or email: [email protected], thank you.

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I am not sure about your question, or what kind of surface you are planing to install artificial grass onto. Please provide more detailed information so we can be better assisting you. You can reach us via phone: 877 796 8873 or email: [email protected], or simply fill out this online form:, thank you.

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Most of the time, glues are used for the seaming purpose, and the typically the seaming tape is either 6” or 12” wide. One gallon of glue can do 40’-45’ length of seam or to cover an area of 40-45 sf.. In the case of gluing artificial grass onto a solid surface such as concrete or hardwood, you can use the reference of one gallon of glue to cover 40-45 sf of turf area. However, you won’t need the entire area to be glued even installing turf onto a solid surface, you will need to glue the edges and a few rolls of 12” wide glues in the fields, so a 5 gallon glue will be enough for a 15x23 turf installation on a solid surface. Please feel free to contact us by phone: 877 796 8873 or email: [email protected] if you have any further question. To find a nearest distributor/dealer, please simply fill out this online form:, thank you.

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Bunker design along with artificial putting green can be complicated regardless the size. However, the preparation should be the same or similar as you build normal bunkers, such task requires experienced professionals. I would suggest you to provide us more details on your project before we can offer more recommendations, please call us at 877 796 8873 or email us at [email protected] to get connected with one of our experts, thank you.
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Seaming of artificial grass requires skills and experiences, and is considered to be one of the key part of the installation process. By that said, we will recommend you to use professionals to do the work for you if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself. To seam the turf together side by side which is most common way of seaming, you need to have a space of the same distance of the turf’s gauge. The gauge of artificial turf is the distance between two stitch rows, most commonly are 3/8”, 1/2” or 5/8”, and 3/16” for putting greens, so if you are seaming the turf with 3/8” gauge, you want to make sure the two pieces of turf to be spaced with 3/8”: be careful here that you don’t have to leave a “gap”, you need to distance the stitch line on piece one to the stitch line on piece two at 3/8”. If you are seaming the two pieces end to end, you won’t need to leave any spaces but to make sure to line up the stitch lines. Please feel free to cal us at 877 796 8873 or email us at [email protected] if you have any further questions, thank you.

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All the recommended tools used for our artificial grass installations are common and readily available at your local tool rental stores or big box stores such as The Home Depot which have a rental department. The only equipment that you might have a bit hard time to find is the power broom, some stores might not have it, but you can always use a regular push broom to do the job. Unfortunately, we don’t offer any tools at current moment. If you need further help, please feel free to call us at 877 796 8873 or email us at [email protected], thank you.


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