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Yes! All of our Artificial Ivies are UV resistant!


2024-06-27T00:06:07+00:00 You can use our free quote form link!



Yes! All of our turf is UV resistant!



Yes! Watering your turf especially if you have one of our special turfs like Cool Blue Hollow Olive where the turf has holes in it to trap moisture you can achieve a very similar texture to real wet grass!



Hi Anson, weeds are very hard to prevent because they can germinate and grow just from a little bit of rain and dirt. However, our grass can be installed along side a weed barrier that can prevent weeds. You can also use any type of weed killer and it will not damage your turf! If you any more questions about this please give us a call @877-796-8873!



Hi Bob, in regards to your question, we have free quote form @ that you can fill out and receive a quote/estimate for that size of turf you need. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at 877-796-8873!


Of course! Please submit a quote form using the free quote button on the home page! I'll let my team know to lookout for your request so we can answer your questions ASAP. Also please feel free to provide your contact information and we will contact you! Link for free quote: !


Were the pavers put down first and then the grass cut around? Or were the pavers put on top of the turf grass


Hi Belinda, to answer your question, we almost always install the turf first and put the pavers on top of the turf grass. If you have any questions, please contact us @877-796-8873!


Yes you can! but it's not optimal because the real grass has to be very short. We recommend having professional installation done always and preparing a proper sub base for any turf installation to ensure you have optimal results! If you have any specific questions please give us a call @877-796-8873!
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