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Hi, Nessa, if you can provide us with the width and length of your area to be covered with artificial grass, we can draft a diagram for you along with instructions on what size of the turf and how to order, thank you.

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Artificial putting greens need to have the following capacities and functionalities to be considered as high quality:

1. Ball speed: must have capacity to achieve whatever speed desires

2. Ball consistency: must have capacity to provide consistent ball rolling consistency

3. Low ball bouncing: must have good absorption to minimize ball’s bounce.

4. Great color options to replicate real grass greens

5. Flexible enough for installations with slopes and different terrains.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions by phone, email or this online form:


Just like any businesses, we offer artificial grass promotions from time to time through our nationwide distributors and dealers. The best way to find out about promotions is to fill out this online form with your location so we can get you connected with your local turf distributors or dealers:

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Yes, our artificial ivy is made from the same materials as our artificial grass. The main raw materials are polyethylene and polypropylene. With anti-UV agents in the mix, our artificial ivy can last a long time. But the way of manufacturing artificial ivy and turf are two totally different and we make both products in house with the same high quality standard!

Please let us know if you have any further questions, thank you.


The polyurethane glue we use for our artificial grass products are very strong! We call the glue layer of artificial grass “secondary backing” which serves the purpose of not only holding the grass fibers together, but also provide extra stability. The polyurethane glue won’t react to moistures, so it will last you a long time even it directly touching the ground. To measure the strength of the polyurethane glue on artificial grass, the industry has a specific term for it: Tuft Bind. The higher the tuft bind number, the better holds it provides. You can find the tuft bind testing data on all our artificial grass products on our website at this link, once on this page, click on the product name and you will see a window with all categories showing up and you can click on the tuft bind testing:

Our average tuft bind is about 10-12 lbs which is really way above the industry standard (The industry standard is at about 7-8 lbs). 

To answer your second part of the questions, the polyurethane glue does get a bit stiffer during the cold weather and softer during hot weather, but once installed, the glue will be underneath facing the ground, you won’t really see any of such physical changes. More importantly, temperatures changes won’t affect the functions of the glue.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions by phone, email or this online form:


Unfortunately we don’t offer any accessories for leave removals on artificial grass. It is basically the same to remove leaves from your artificial grass surface as from real grass lawns. By that said, if using a broom is not a good option for you, you can always get a leaf blower: either a battery operated one or a powerful gas powered that most landscapers use. I personally suggest you to use the electric one as it will not generate any air pollutions and tends to be much quieter.

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Most of artificial grass on today’s market are made of polyethylene and polypropylene resins which essentially are plastic products. Just like any other plastic products, artificial grass will melt given enough heat which can come from various sources such as sunlight reflections and etc.. on average, the melting point of artificial grass is at between 190-210 degrees F. 

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Well, this is really a tough question even though the answer can be obvious and easy. Please understand that as the manufacturer of artificial grass, we are not responsible for human or pets to chew or eat our products. This is like any other products on the market such as furniture which are not meant for eating. Our artificial turf is designed and made perfectly safe for human and pets to walk or play on, but not meant for chewing and eating. You will need to make sure to train your pets not to chew, eat or swallow artificial grass. I will recommend you to check things out if your pets accidentally swallow any artificial grass and showing symptoms of discomfort or sickness. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions by phone, email or this online form:


Our artificial grass is absolutely safe for human and your pets, it won’t be a problem for your pets to play on it all day long. One caution I always give to all pet owners is that even though the artificial grass is perfectly safe to be walked and played on, they are made of plastic resins an not meant for chewing or eating or swallowing by people or pets. So if you would leave your pets playing on the artificial grass surface for a long time, please make sure that they won’t chew or eat artificial grass. Fur any further questions or concerns, please call, email or fill out this online form:

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We have the largest artificial grass inventory in the world! At any given time, we keep an inventory level at about 7-10 million square feet throughout our distribution centers nationwide. To put such inventory numbers into perspective, artificial grass we have on hand can cover 32 NFL fields twice! Some of our distributors/dealers also carry their own inventories to serve local markets, therefore you will have a peace of mind with availabilities of our artificial grass products, we always have every product in stock ready to go! Please contact us by phone, email of this online form for any further questions, thank you:


Artificial grass can cover as big as the area you wish. It is more like carpet which you can use to cover small rooms and also large commercial indoor facilities. Each artificial grass grass come in as a standard roll of 1500 sf or so, the bigger the area, the more rolls you will need. In reality, the so called biggest applications I have seen are huge playgrounds or arenas for outdoor events and sports fields, such applications will require about 100-200k sf.. There are also applications such as entire 18 hole golf course being built with artificial grass and putting greens which can be as big as 3 million square feet, but such applications have been rare. Most of residential or commercial landscape lawns’ sizes can be relatively small, averaging from 500 sf to 20,000 sf..

Please let us know if you have any further questions by phone, email and online form:


Saving water and saving money on the water bill are considered one the most important advantages artificial grass has over real grass. Besides that, it also saves costs on the maintenance part: artificial grass requires minimum maintenance if any, not like real grass lawns that you have to mow it frequently, plus adding fertilizers and use pesticides: all of which will cost you money. To me personally, not only the money savings is important, but also to eliminate the air pollutions from lawn mowers and stop contamination of our soil is even more critical: every one of us should try to protect our environment, by replacing real grass lawns with artificial grass, we definitely can contribute to the environment protection efforts, while saving a lot of money at the same time: a no brained decision.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns by phone, email on this online form:


Both S Balde and W Blade artificial grass are made with engineered fibers, and Global Syn-Turf is the pioneer of these engineered blade with the products named after them. If you take a closer look at the cross section of the fibers, you will see the clear S and W profiles. As finished products, they both share the following common advantages vs traditional flat fibers:

1. More resilient, standing up well 

2. With less shinny and plastic look, very natural appearance 

3. Durable and suitable for almost all type of applications

The main differences between these two products are that W Blade tends to reflect the heat better therefore it is less hot than S Blade; the S Blade has a bit a softer feel on touching than W Blade; and the color on S Blade simulate more natural grass but W Blade’s color is more fresh and vibrant.

For more professional consultations, please contact us by phone, email or this online form, thank you:


Global Syn-Turf is the company to pioneer engineered blades technology on the market! As you can see that we name our majority of products with the blade names. Ever since we introduced engineered blades, we have enjoyed a huge success with these revolutionary products, then like everything else, people started to copy and there are counterfeits on the market, but nothing is comparable to the real solid originals. What is engineered blade? We make the yarns in different shapes instead of simple flat and here are some key benefits of engineered blades:

1. They are more resilient, durable than flat fibers so your artificial grass lifespan get prolonged.

2. Engineered blades stands up better and less likely to be matted down easily. Even it gets matted down eventually, but much more longer before flat fibers do.

3. Shinny plastic looking has been a problem for artificial grass from day one of its birth, engineered blades reflecting light from different angles to make the overall appearance much more realistic.

You can find all our product lineups from this link and you will notice that all of our products come in with engineered blades, simply the best you can find on the market:


Artificial grass doesn’t require much maintenance or cleaning. Normally people just broom off the leaves or debris on the turf surface. When it comes to cleaning, garden hose rinsing will do the job in most cases. However, if you would like to give a deep cleaning on your artificial turf, you can use regular soap: get a garden hose attached bottle from your local hardware store or online, put soap in it and attach it to the garden hose, rinse your turf! It is just that easy! The only think I will recommend is the general purpose soap for cleaning, you might try different cleaning products but please make sure not to use anything abrasive! Our artificial grass has very smooth yarns and not porous so things won’t be stuck on it easily, in most cases the soap will do the trick for you along with the water jet force of your garden hose. I think you can use none abrasive oil cleaners if you go grease on the turf without hurting it. To get connected with our experts on any other questions you might have, please call or email us, or fill out this online form:

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Generally speaking, under normal use, artificial putting greens last just as long as regular artificial grass. However, people might notice that artificial putting greens have a bit shorter warranty than regular grass, this is because some of the putting greens being used rather more heavily, especially when people stoke putters and clubs on the surface improperly which can damage the greens and shorten its lifespan. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns by phone, email or this online form:


This is a really good question and also technical! The Dtex is a measuring unit from the textile industry, it is the direct measurement of the yarn’s linear density by grams (0.035 oz) per 10 kilometers (6.2 miles). By that said, the higher the Dtex number the thicker of the yarns used for artificial grass, and therefore, it can be more expensive as more materials being used. High dtex yarns have higher standard requirements for manufacturing equipment and also make it not more difficult to produce turf with lower hourly outputs which can also be considered for higher production costs. 

There is no absolute industrial standard for Dtex values for artificial grass overall, manufacturers can make whatever type of yarns at their wish, but for consumers it is always good to have the knowledge about such technical terms and make good purchasing decisions. There are a lot of really cheap low Dtex products out on the market now days especially on the internet, the prices can be very attractive, but they barely made to be even grass in my opinion, nothing but green colored thin yarn be put together: I guess you get what you are paying for in such cases. Global Sy-Turf is the tip artificial grass manufacturer in the world, all our products designed and made to last a long time. In term of Dtex, measured by each stitch (which normally consists of 20 strings of individual yarns), our product’s Dtex starts from 9000 up to 18000! Law of physics, the thicker of the material, the better of the resilience and durability: it is all about quality! More importantly, even with the best products in the industry, our pricing is also extremely competitive through our distributors and dealers nationwide. Of course, it is a combination of different technical values to make a superior product and the Dtex valve of the yarns is just one of those contributes.

We offer free consultations on all artificial grass related questions and concerns, simply let us know by phone, email or this online form:

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UV testing on artificial grass is a very length process which is normally done at our factory. In order to achieve the results of having turf to withhold its color and integrity for 15 years, such product samples should be in a UV testing chamber for at least 4-6 month. We have multiple of such UV testing chambers in our factory, and we conduct UV testing on all of our products: We test every production run of yarns and every production run on finished product, I mean EVERY single product run will be tested! We have the most stringent and vigorous testing procedures in the entire industry to ensure our product qualities to be the simple best on the market. In such a UV testing chamber, accelerated UV to simulate the sunlight will be produced, also we set the environment of the chamber with other weather patterns such as fogs, moistures and rains on a preferred interval of time, so the results of testing on all our artificial grass product can be as close as to reality. Such thorough testing provide us a perfect trace on all the products out there should any problem occurs: we know exactly what production batch, the testing results, in turn to trace down the production lines finding about materials mix, crews working on such production and therefore to identify the cause of the problems and so to solve them. In another word, such UV testing will not only ensure our turf products’ top qualities but also a tool for ourselves to enhance our production and quality control process.

Please feel free to reach us via phone, email or this online form if you have any further questions or comments:

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Our artificial grass has a 15 year limited warranty to cover color fades. Under normal usage and weather conditions, your turf will last at least 15 years if not longer. We design and manufacture our artificial grass products with anti-UV in mind, all of our products on the market come with strong anti-UV ingredients which make it tough to fight against sunlights and keep color from fading. But please be aware that some extremely hot areas with prolonged sunshine time and being persistently hot, the anti-UV functions of artificial grass can vary, you can review our warranty provisions at this link for each of our products to get detailed ideas on certain extreme situations:

We offer free consultations on any questions or concerns you might have, please feel free to contact us by phone, email or this online form:


The stitch counts for artificial grass is a technical term which measures how many stitches of fibers per square meter: such term only apply for turf that made by using tufting machines. The more of the stitch counts of an artificial grass, the thicker is the product, meaning more fibers. The stitch count is determined by the gauge and stitch rates of the grass: the gauge the distance between the two rolls of stitching lines next to each other, very common gauges are 3/16”, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8” and 3/4”; the stitch rate is how many stitches per 4”, normally starting at 10 go all the way to 20 on regular grass and to 40 for artificial putting greens. So the higher of the stitch count, the closer the fibers which make the artificial fuller, thicker (or more dense). While it not necessarily more expensive for higher stitch count products if the fiber being short. In another word, the combination of higher stitch count and taller fibers will definitely be using more materials and slower to make which certainly make such product more expensive. 

Please feel free to reach out to us for any other questions or concerns by phone, email or this online form, we are here to help:


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