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Homeowners Alert: Oakland, California Synthetic Turf

Whether or not you need synthetic turf in Oakland, California depends on your needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider: Climate: Oakland has a Mediterranean climate, which means that it has warm, dry summers and cool, wet winters. Artificial grass is a good choice for areas with extreme weather conditions, as it is resistant to both heat and cold. Traffic: If you have a lot of foot traffic in your yard, such as from children or pets, artificial grass is a good option.

Bernhard Langer, Global Syn-Turf, Inc. Endorsed Professional Golfer, wins record 6th Schwab Cup

Bernhard Langer Wins Record 6th Schwab Cup

Bernhard Langer has done it again! At age 64, GST endorsed professional golfer Bernhard Langer won the Schwab Cup, a season-long golf championship. By his final-round 69 and solo 17th-place finish, Langer clinched the season-long Charles Schwab Cup points race for a record sixth time. Langer came into the week leading the points, fell behind to Jim Furyk after the second and third rounds but reclaimed the top spot Sunday.

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The Future is Green

Real grass has a magic appeal, but we can't overlook the fact that chemically treated lawns are no more than ecological wastelands. In a chase for a pretty lawn, we are poisoning ourselves for the sake of a status symbol. There are only two ways to create landscapes that contribute to a healthy ecosystem. You can replace turf with native plants that improve water quality, fix the soil, benefit wildlife, and remove carbon from the air. Or you can install artificial grass.

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Tips to Keep Your Synthetic Lawn Looking Good

Artificial grass is a savior for people who don't want to spend time and money on lawn maintenance. Everyone loves to decorate the space with greenery that never needs extensive care to remain in its original color. The green landscape is not easy to upkeep, especially when you are living in a water-deprived area. Synthetic turf is an excellent option whether you want to use it in a playground, lawn, backyard, or indoor space.

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The Six Steps to Selecting The Best Artificial Grass

There was a time when only people living in areas that suffer from drought considered artificial grass for its green touch. However, more of us started to realize that synthetic turf is not only useful in dry regions, but it also helps to save money, free our time, and conserve water. What's more? Artificial grass is not subject to uneven patches or seasonal browning inherent in real grass. Up-greening your front or backyard guarantees the perfection of your exterior design.

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Why Artificial Grass is Great For Your Dogs

Stress-Free Landscape You might be entirely happy with your dog's behavior and attitude, but when the potty training doesn't go well, it can be very stressful for dog owners. Many people give up their dogs because they are renovating their house or landscape. They don't want the animal to scratch up their new hardwoods, disturb precious flower beds, dig up lawns or destroy the perfect visual greenery in their yards. That's a difference artificial grass offers.

Official Exclusive Artificial Turf Partner Celebrates 49ers Win and Super Bowl Berth

At the time of signing this landmark partnership, San Francisco 49ers Vice President of Corporate Partnership Brent Schoeb said, “Adding the artificial turf from Global Syn-Turf has given the space an unmistakable football feel that has helped increase fan engagement with our partners and vendors over the last year.

Artificial Grass Clearance Sale

Pleasanton, California / December 2, 2019 - Global Syn-Turf, Inc. launches the 2019 Year-End Sale offering an incredible saving on remnants and full rolls of the top quality artificial grass. Starting at $.25 per square feet, we offer even lower prices on truckloads of turf remnants. [print_image?id=29087&set=8,8,12] Synthetic turf products are available at Global Syn-Turf centers located in major United States metropolitan areas, available for local pickups and supervised shipping.

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Winterizing Your Yard: Artificial Grass Vs. Natural

Natural Lawn Winterizing Winterizing a lawn is more critical if you cool-season turf (Fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, or perennial ryegrass.) These types of grass grow more in fall; it's recommended to apply winterizer fertilizer in October or November. Warm-season grass (Bermuda, St. Augustine, centipede, zoysia) goes dormant in close-to-freezing temperatures. In Northern regions, colder temperatures typically happen in the fall; the last fertilization must be done before September 1.

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Outdoor Party Ideas - Are You Ready For a Labor Day Weekend?

Spruce up your yard If you have a natural lawn, hive your outdoor space a quick make-over by mowing and edging your lawn and pruning shrubs. Time to consider synthetic turf; it doesn't need any work to stay beautiful and green all year long. You may want to add touches of bright color with flowers in colorful pots.

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