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Memorial Day 2024 Remember & Honor

Honoring Our Heroes: Global Syn-Turf Partners with Folds of Honor

This Memorial Day, we are proud to announce a special partnership with Folds of Honor. Starting now, for every purchase of our 5', 7.5', or 10' wide Pre Cut artificial turf rolls made in 2024, Global Syn-Turf/American Syn-Turf will donate 5% of sales to Folds of Honor. This initiative reflects our commitment to giving back and supporting the families of our fallen and disabled service members.

Turf Tour Santa Barbara, California - synthetic turf, putting greens

Leading the Green Revolution: Global Syn-Turf's Santa Barbara Turf Tour Highlights Innovative Landscaping Solutions

In April 2024, Global Syn-Turf hosted its highly anticipated Turf Tour in the picturesque city of Santa Barbara, California. This event showcased the latest advancements in synthetic turf technology, highlighting the diverse applications and significant benefits of artificial grass. As water conservation efforts intensify in California, the relevance of sustainable landscaping solutions like synthetic turf has never been more critical.

Electrolysis platform used for the production of hydrogen

Water Scarcity and Industrial Demand Intensify in South Texas as Chemical Plant Purchases Last River Water

In a striking example of the tension between economic development and environmental sustainability, Avina Clean Hydrogen Inc., a New Jersey-based chemical company, has acquired the last available water from the Nueces River in South Texas. This purchase is for the company’s Nueces Green Ammonia plant, which aims to transform hydrogen extracted from water into ammonia, positioning it as a high-tech alternative fuel for export.

Minneapolis Minnesota Masters Training Day synthetic turf installation certification: Pro Putt-44, Pet Turf

Enjoy the Masters: A Day of Synthetic Turf Mastery in Minneapolis

Last week in Minneapolis, a gathering of local installers marked a significant milestone at our Masters Class in Synthetic Turf Training. This event was tailored not only to enhance the installation skills of participants but also provided them with practical experience in setting up premier putting greens and pet-friendly turf areas. The training commenced with an overview of the latest techniques and tools essential for high-quality turf installations.

Santa Fe Springs GST warehouse is moving

Exciting Developments at Global Syn-Turf: A New Chapter Begins at Our Santa Fe Springs Warehouse

Global Syn-Turf is excited to share important updates about our operations that signify a major stride in improving our service capabilities for our valued customers. We are transitioning to a new warehouse, enhancing how we manage our operations and serve you better.New Warehouse, New BeginningsStarting from Monday, April 15, 2024, Global Syn-Turf's operations will be centered at our new facility in Pico Rivera, previously located in Santa Fe Springs.

Global Syn-Turf Training & Certification FREE Car Magnet

Roll Out in Style: Global Syn-Turf's Special Training Event with Free Car Magnets!

Dive into a day packed with interactive workshops, live demonstrations, and insider tips from the masters of synthetic turf. Whether you're a seasoned pro looking to polish your skills or a newcomer eager to dive into the world of synthetic grass, this event promises to sprinkle a bit of fun and a lot of knowledge on everyone. Our experts will guide you through the latest trends, installation techniques, and maintenance secrets that make synthetic turf a game-changer in sustainable landscaping.

Fun events - synthetic turf installation certifications, training in San Diego California

Empowering Excellence: Poway, California's Synthetic Turf Training & Certification Event

In the scenic surroundings of Poway, California, an event that promises to be a landmark in the synthetic turf industry recently unfolded. Global Syn-Turf, a leader in artificial grass solutions, hosted a Training & Certification event that attracted a diverse group of participants, from seasoned industry veterans to newcomers eager to carve their niche.

Global Syn-Turf Bay Area events - free food, training, certification

Shaping the Future: The San Leandro Training & Certification Event

In the vibrant city of San Leandro, California, a transformative event took place, signaling a pivotal moment in the synthetic turf industry. The Training & Certification event, brought to life by Global Syn-Turf (GST), drew together a dynamic mix of professionals, experts, and aficionados, all bound by their enthusiasm for synthetic turf and their ambition to master their profession.

Santa Fe Springs, California Global Syn-Turf Training & Certification Event March

A Day of Innovation and Growth: Santa Fe Springs Training & Certification Event

Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles County, Santa Fe Springs witnessed an event that set new benchmarks in the synthetic turf industry. Hosted at the Global Syn-Turf (GST) warehouse, the Training & Certification event was a confluence of expertise, innovation, and passion for artificial grass technology. Aimed at professionals eager to expand their knowledge and skills, the event provided a comprehensive platform for learning, networking, and growth.

Dallas, Texas Global Syn-Turf synthetic turf training session & certification event

Elevating Expertise: The Global Syn-Turf Certification Event in Dallas, TX

In the bustling city of Dallas, TX, a remarkable gathering took place that brought together industry professionals, enthusiasts, and newcomers all under one roof. The Global Syn-Turf Certification Program was not just an event; it was a milestone for many in the synthetic turf industry. Aimed at empowering participants with knowledge, skills, and the latest trends in artificial turf technology, the event was a perfect blend of education, networking, and fun.

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