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Artificial Grass Installation - Calculators

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You don't need to go on site to measure a lawn. You may need to figure out how much fertilizer or any other lawn care product to buy. How many square feet of turf you front and back lawn needs? What is the exact size of your swimming pool, driveway, or a sidewalk? Our Instant Lawn Size Checker makes this task easy! Just enter your address, and outline your yard! You'll get the square footage in seconds!

If you are lawn care professional, the Instant Lawn Size Checker is what you need. And, it's FREE! You can always check online how big is a lawn to come up with a competitive quote. Sign up for a free account, and keep all your properties safely on file.

Start with measuring your lawn online. When you've done with outlining your area, choose to calculate your lawn care services or artificial grass installation costs!

Artificial Grass Cost Calculator

How Much Money and Water Can You Save by Installing Artificial Grass?

There is a lot of marketing talk about how much money people save by installing artificial grass. Is synthetic grass a worthwhile investment? Check it out yourself. Enter the size of your lawn and your zip code and see how much you save every year. The calculator gives you prices for all range of lawn care services by your zip code. Find our the cost of mowing, aeration, fertilizing, weed control, sprinkler repair, and pests control. How many gallons of water is needed to keep your lawn healthy? What are your monthly bills look like if you run your sprinkler system 2 or 3 times a week?

This calculator is unique because you gives you all lawn care costs on one page. If you know your water and sewage costs, enter it, and calculate how much money you spend yearly on your lawn (excluding the costs of water you use for your home needs.) If you do the lawn mowing or pests control yourself, just check these services off. It's easy!

For example, for 1,000 square feet lawn, your savings will be as much as $42,304. You also save 897,120 gallons of water.

Calculate the Costs and Amount of Materials for Artificial Grass Installation

Calculate the Costs and Amount of Materials for Artificial Grass Installation

You need several materials and tools to install artificial grass. Calculating the amounts you need for the size of your lawn is not straightforward. The drain rock and decomposed granite, for example, are sold by cubic yards. Turf, weed barrier, wire mesh are purchased in rolls by square feet. Infill (Silica sand, Green Sand, Super-Fill, Zeolite) - by weight in pounds. You also need nails and staples to faster the turf to the base. For this, you need to measure the perimeter of your area and calculate how many seams you need to seam together. Also, you need to know how much seaming tape and glue you may need. With our Material Costs Calculator, just enter your lawn size and a zip code to get all numbers calculated for you.