Turf Infill Calculator

Calculate the amount of infill material required for various synthetic turf installations. Whether your project involves landscaping, creating a putting green, or setting up a pet area, this calculator simplifies the planning process by providing precise measurements. Find out exactly how many pounds of infill you need, as well as the equivalent number of bags, taking the guesswork out of purchasing supplies. See insights into manufacturer recommendations for different types of infills, ensuring that the chosen material meets the required standards for durability, safety, and performance.

Infill: 100 lbs.

You Need 2 bags (50 lbs. each)

Calculated for Star Grass-35 with 35 oz. face weight.

Infill Recommendations

Silica Sand, Green Sand, or Hybrid #16Landscape Projects
WonderFill Infill 12/20

Acrylic coated, anti-microbial, round shaped infill that is great for pets because the infill will not absorb pet urine and rounded edges protects turf

Landscape Projects

Odor absorbing infill that is great for pets


Odor absorbing infill that is great for pets

T-Cool Infill

Cools the turf down 30-50 degrees. This infill works by wetting down infill, infill absorbs the water and slowly releases the evaporation thus cooling the turf down.


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