Zeodorizer: 1 bag of 40 lbs.
Zeodorizer: 1 bag of 40 lbs.
Zeodorizer: 1 bag of 40 lbs.

Zeodorizer: All-Natural Synthetic Grass Infill

Zeofill Pet Odor Infill, a premium choice for synthetic turf, sports fields, and playgrounds, offers significant benefits including odor reduction and surface cooling. This infill, composed of absorbent minerals, effectively traps pet odors for up to a decade. Safe for both humans and pets, it utilizes advanced temperature-control technology to maintain a cooler surface temperature, reducing heat by up to 30%. The natural zeolite granules in Zeofill Infill not only absorb and contain odors but also contribute to a cooler, more pleasant surface. This product is specifically designed to ensure a clean and safe environment for everyone, including pets.


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Zeodorizer: All-Natural Synthetic Grass Infill

Zeolite is a group of materials containing hydrated aluminosilicates of various elements. As a porous volcanic rock, Zeolite acts as an exceptional cation exchanger, making it highly absorbent. Unlike other infills, Zeodorizer's zeolite can retain more urine, prolong odor-free periods, and maintains its effectiveness without frequent replacement.

Zeodorizer has proven its efficiency by not merely masking odors but by actively neutralizing, trapping, and removing them from animal waste. Additionally, it minimizes dust, outperforms competitors in odor control, and detoxifies liquids by pulling out heavy metals.

This product offers user-friendly installation. Simply spread it evenly over the affected turf/grass area using a seed spreader or by hand. Work the granules into the blades with a broom or rake, let it settle, and let Zeodorizer's natural and safe properties do the rest. For optimal results, use approximately 2-3 lbs of Zeodorizer per square foot of the turf. Experience the benefits of Zeodorizer, a reliable, eco-friendly, and effective solution for your synthetic grass needs.

Zeodorizer's Benefits

  • Neutralizes and eliminates odors from animal waste.
  • Traps and removes bacteria, keeping the area sanitary.
  • Sustainably sourced from 100% Zeolite, a natural volcanic rock.
  • Less dust compared to leading competitors, creating a cleaner environment.
  • Longer-lasting odor control compared to other infills.
  • Detoxifies liquids by pulling out heavy metals.
  • Doesn't break down over time, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  • Requires less product to infill larger areas, saving on costs.
  • Cools the surface by releasing absorbed moisture into the turf.
  • User-friendly installation with simple spreading and settling process.
  • Free from harsh chemicals or additives, ensuring safety for pets and humans alike.

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Customer Reviews

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I run a shelter for Siberian Huskies, and as you can imagine, keeping our outdoor spaces clean and odor-free is a huge priority. That's where Zeodorizer has made a significant impact for us. This infill is a lifesaver for areas frequented by dogs, effectively neutralizing odors that come with housing many pups. It's provided both me and our huskies a much more pleasant space to play and relax. With its durability and effectiveness, even under the paws of our energetic Siberian Huskies, this stuff has been outstanding. Maintenance has become easier, and I've noticed a substantial decrease in the effort required to keep the turf areas clean. For anyone with dogs, especially active breeds like huskies, this infill is an essential choice.


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