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Oliver White answered a question Cashmere series vs Supernatural for most realistic?

All of our artificial grass products like and feel very realistic, between the two products you mentioned, SuperNatural series are more realistic than any other turf products on the market.

Oct 19 1:13 PM
Oliver White answered a question What accessories do I need to ensure playground safety?

It is always recommended to use lawn pads under the turf for playground applications, especially for commercial playgrounds which require certain fall ratings. We carry different types of lawn

Oct 13 12:44 PM
Oliver White answered a question Do I need to remove our big tree prior to installation?

No, you don’t have to remote trees before installing artificial grass. Nobody would want to lose a tree if they don’t have to. With artificial grass, you can

Oct 7 3:30 PM
Oliver White answered a question Can turf last an entire life time?

Our artificial grass products are designed and engineered to last you a long time! We warranty our products for 15 years in general, under normal weather and usage, the lifespans

Oct 4 1:36 PM
Oliver White answered a question Will my turf wrinkle if I don't apply infill?

When artificial grass is installed properly, even without infills, it won’t have wrinkles. The trick is to make sure installing your turf on a rather warm day, have it

Sep 25 3:14 PM
Oliver White answered a question Which artificial grass has the highest stitch rate?

Theoretically, if the tufting gauge remains the same, the higher the face weight, the higher of the stitch rate for most of the artificial grass products. So all of

Sep 21 2:06 PM
Oliver White answered a question How much turf glue do I need to apply?

You will probably only need the turf glues when seaming two pieces of artificial grass together for most common installations. Our turf glue comes in with 3 different packages:

Sep 12 12:05 PM
Oliver White answered a question What are the uses of artificial ivy?

There are two main purposes of have artificial ivy: privacy and decoration. Our artificial ivy products have a coverage rate of more than 95% which provide excellent privacy for

Sep 1 3:16 PM
Oliver White answered a question What is the difference between artificial grass tiles and real turf?

The products used for the artificial grass tile can be same or similar to that of broadloom turf. Companies are buying the artificial grass in big rolls and cut

Aug 30 1:38 PM
Aug 25 6:51 PM
Oliver White answered a question Should I use glue or nails for an indoor turf project?

It depends on the size of your area and application. If you are installing the artificial grass in a room, you can do the installation the same way as

Aug 13 6:15 PM
Oliver White answered a question Will the grass fibers fall out over time?

We offer a 15 year limited warranty on all our artificial grass products. The turf fibers should not fall out if the glue stays in tack within the warranty

Aug 10 3:11 PM
Oliver White answered a question Is this ACTUALLY environmentally friendly?

Great question! This response will contain a lot of information, so let’s break it down into two sections, starting with the “clean” factor regarding different types of plastics. Hypothetically,

Jul 28 6:08 PM
Oliver White answered a question Which artificial grass is best for a high school T-ball stadium?

I am not sure we should treat this as a general question in regard to your school’s stadium. Such projects normally have many requirements and specifications by the design

Jul 26 1:44 PM
Oliver White answered a question Whats the difference between the Cashmere and Supernatural?

Our Cashmere and Supernatural series are almost totally different type of artificial grass. They are very different from almost every specification, in general, Cashmere is a softer product, but

Jul 20 2:25 PM
Oliver White answered a question Can you explain which artificial grass is best for a playground?

There are some pros and cons for each type of artificial grass when using it for playground applications. Here are my opinions: 1. Using artificial grass with shorter blades:

Jul 10 1:24 PM
Oliver White answered a question 6" staples vs 6" nails, which is better for pet grass installation?

I personally always like to use nails for artificial grass installations. The staples will work ok on the seaming part of the installation from time to time to certain

Jul 6 3:49 PM
Oliver White answered a question Cleaning under bird feeders

Generally speaking, you can use a broom to clean off the seeds: I think your concern is the seeds might not stay on top of the grass, instead they will

Jun 30 9:11 PM
Oliver White answered a question What materials do I need prior to turf installation?

When you are installing artificial grass to replace your existing lawn or for a new landscape application, you will need quite a few materials for a complete installation.  A.

Jun 17 5:13 PM
Oliver White answered a question How does the drainage system work for your artificial grass?

We use punched holes on our artificial grass drainage system: such system has proved to be one of the most effective draining techniques for the past. It is a

Jun 9 10:51 PM
Oliver White answered a question What product would you suggest?

I will suggest you to go with our Pet Turf: this product is engineered dog applications. It is very durable, the fibers are “U” shaped with great resilience; it

Jun 3 7:46 PM
Oliver White answered a question At what temperature does your artificial grass melt?

Most of artificial grass on today’s market are made of polyethylene and polypropylene resins which essentially are plastic products. Just like any other plastic products, artificial grass will melt

May 28 11:36 AM
Oliver White answered a question What is the industry standard DTEX for artificial grass?

This is a really good question and also technical! The Dtex is a measuring unit from the textile industry, it is the direct measurement of the yarn’s linear density by

May 21 11:12 AM
Oliver White answered a question Do you ship to montana

Yes, we ship our products nationwide, please provide your zip code so we can be sure. In the meantime, it will be greatly helpful if you can fill out

May 20 1:22 PM
Oliver White answered a question Should I use 4 inch or 6 inch nails for installation?

In my opinion, both sizes nails will work just fine. However, I do see in reality most people will go with 6” nails as the price differences between the

May 17 3:31 PM
Oliver White answered a question What are some instances where artificial grass is used indoors?

Well, people can use artificial grass for indoors for a lot of purposes: to start as big as a sport fields in a dome to commercial indoor sport or recreation

May 12 1:57 PM
Oliver White answered a question What should I do if a part of my artificial grass gets damaged?

Two main factors determine if your artificial grass damages are repairable or how well it can be repaired:1. The size of the damaged area: normally it would be an

May 7 1:58 PM
Oliver White answered a question Can you explain what Freshcut technology is for artificial grass?

Freshcut is a product we have developed with our partners to eliminate the pet odors on artificial grass. It is enzyme based and designed to neutralize pet odors with

May 3 12:50 PM

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