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Artificial Grass Edging

If your artificial lawn needs a more distinct appeal, it's time to rethink your edges. Get to know your edging options with the selection of Global Syn-Turf bender boards. The edging of the synthetic lawn serves two causes; it adds an aesthetic appeal to your installation and keeps the turf from moving, adding to the longevity of your investment. We offer unique framing materials for putting greens, synthetic lawns, playgrounds, gardens, and front or back yards.

Bender Board Garden Supplies, roll of four boards. Landscaping edging material.

Enhance the look of your landscape with the appearance of natural wood in a recycled plastic benderboard. Size: 1'' x 4'' x 20'.

Benderboard Stakes garden supplies

The dark wood appearance of these 12-inch long plastic bender board stakes provides a nice edging aesthetic for any lawn.

Wonder Edge Lawns Gardening Supplies

The Wonder Edge is a durable professional landscape and hardscape product designed specifically for artificial grass installation.

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If your installation was done properly to start with, it will be difficult for your dog to ruin the grass that easily. It also depend on how big is your dog. A big powerful dog can tore up almost anything. When the installation was done correctly with nails every 4-6 inches apart along the perimeters of your turf, your grass should be very securely affixed to the ground. However, if your dog keep pulling on it consistently, I am afraid that the edges will getting loose up and eventually fail. So the only way I can think of is to train your dog not to pull the artificial grass, not to chew and not to eat it. 


We will never recommend you to burn the artificial grass or it edges regardless the reasons. It is very unsafe to burn any products, including artificial turf even though our products have all been tested with flammabilities. 

When you are making the cuts and fibers start shedding, that means you are cutting into the stitches which make the fibers loose. I will suggest you to be extremely careful when doing the cuts and try to avoid cutting into or too close to  the stitches. If so, you won't see much of the shedding problems or at all. Also if you cut into or getting too close to the stitches, you won't be able to have a perfect seam done when you are piecing them together: you will always need to follow the same stitch gauges meaning to leave the similar distance as the original artificial grass gauges between two pieces.


You can use couple of different products to finish up the edging on your artificial grass lawn installation. If you use wonder edge which is specifically designed for artificial turf edging, you will not need anything else. To find out more information on wonder edge, you can visit this link:

Or there is a traditional way of finishing up the edges by using bender board and stakes. Bender board product is widely used in landscape word to finish up all different type of landscape edges. They normally come in as either thinner version or thicker version, and they all can be bended to form shapes along the edges. You will need the stakes as crew base to secure the bender boards. For more information on bender board product and bender board stakes, please visit the following tow links:


At currently stage, we only manufacture the bigger pieces of artificial grass at 15’ wide and 100’ long, people buying our products at 15’ incrementally such as 15’ by 1’ and 15’ by 2’ and so on and so forth. Unfortunately we are not finishing up the edges of the artificial grass pieces.


Not sure about your question, using a lot of water on artificial grass? You don’t need to use water on artificial turf unless you are talking about to use water spray cleaning the artificial lawn, in any case, I don’t see any good logic or reasons that you have to use a lot of water on your grass.

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It might if you leave the piece completely loose on the concrete. We always recommend to somehow secure the grass into the solid surfaces regardless a permanent or temporary applications before any usages. For permanent installations of turf onto concrete surface, you will need to use turf flies and 1/4” trowel and you need to make sure all edges have full contact with both glue and turf and concrete. For temporary installation, we recommend you to use strong double sided carpet tapes or Velcro along the edges to avoid any tripping hazards.

Generally speaking, you never need to cut artificial grass. At the installation stage, installers will use carpet knife or scissors to trim of blades. Once turf is installed, you should never need to cut the grass any more. If you ever need to, all you need is a razor blade or a pair of scissors to cut, fairly simple. 

Sure you can, if you have a chance to browse our galleries, a lot of our artificial grass lawn installations with furnitures on them and they look awesome. I would always remind people that just like carpet, you put furnitures on them for a while, and when you remove them, you will see the marks, so be aware of that artificial turf will be pressed down by the weight of your lawn furniture after a while.


Yes, you can! It is very common that weeds grow at the outer edge of synthetic grass, the interesting fact is that many people leave those small weeds alone, as such weeds make the entire artificial lawn look more realistic!

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Artificial Grass Cost Calculator

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