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Artificial Grass Maintenance Supplies

Monthly artificial grass maintenance allows you to keep your lawn green and inviting. Choose from a variety of maintenance tools that work best in different climates. If you live in a dusty dry area, have outdoor pets, children, or lots of trees and shrubs, you may need to clean your lawn more frequently. Whatever your situation, we offer only the best maintenance products that will clean your lawn from debris without damaging the synthetic turf fibers, and keep your lawn smelling good.

Pet Odor Neutralizer
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Industrial strength pet odor neutralizer is the best solution in removing unwanted pet smells in your synthetic grass.

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It depends on how often you will use the pet odor neutralizer to spray down the smelly area of your artificial turf. You won’t need to spray the entire 15’x25’, only to the sections where it gets smelly from dog urine. By that said, if you spray once every two weeks, a 32 oz bottle can last you up to six month if not longer. If you would like to spray down the entire area at a more frequent intervals, the bottle will last you much less. I always recommend people to get the small bottle and test it out, if it goes fast, get a gallon bottle next time. Please let us know if you have any other questions by phone: 877 796 8873, or email: [email protected], or this online form:, thank you.


Unfortunately we don’t have any research data regarding your questions currently. Different dogs can behave differently on either real grass or artificial turf surfaces, it is a very interesting question, but we are not sure that we will be able to provide a good statistic answer for it now. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know by phone (877 796 8873) or email: [email protected] or this online form, thank you:

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We don’t sell products on our website, but through nationwide distributors/dealers. You can please email us with your address so we can let you know the local store closest to you at: [email protected] Or if you would like to order it online, you can visit this online dealer at: 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions, thank you.

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You will need to spray the pet odor neutralizer at the areas with dog urine smells, not necessarily the entire lawn if you don’t have smell issues to waste. By that said, even though your entire artificial grass area is 600 sf., but you might only need a bottle of 32 oz with the garden hose attachment as when you are spraying down the smell area, water will dilute the concentrated neutralizer, and you should be able to use the bottle multiple times. Here is the link to the details of the pet odor neutralizer for you to review: Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions by phone (877 796 8873), email ([email protected]), or this online form:, thank you.

Technically, you can use any of our artificial grass product for your daycare application. I would like to know a bit more of the usage of the to be turfed area, are you plan to use the artificial grass for playground? General landscape or any other purposes? Knowing these details will help me to provide you with better recommendations. Please call or email us with the details, or simply fill out this online form so we can help you out better, thanks:


For the most detailed descriptions and functions of our Pet Odor Neutralizer, please visit this link:

In general summary: Our Pet Odor Neutralizer is specifically designed for use with artificial grass, it is liquid product packed in two different sized bottles: 32 oz and 1 gallon. The 32 oz bottle comes with a garden hose attachment to make the spraying easy. The product is live enzymes with the scent of fresh cut grass, one of the best neutralizers on the market. For any further questions or concerns, please call, email or fill out this online form:


Our pet odor Neutralizer for artificial grass comes in with a garden hose attachment, all you need to do is to connect it to your garden hose and spray, super easy! If you don’t have a garden hose to work with or you do not want to use a garden hose, you can simply dilute the Neutralizer at a rate of 2 oz per gallon mixing with water and apply it onto the smelly areas. For more detailed information about the product, please visit this link:

Please feel free to contact us by phone, email or this online form if you have any further questions:


Our artificial grass products are odorless, when you first get the product, there might be the “new product” smell very much like new car, but will be gone pretty soon. You can have a peace of mind having our artificial grass for your pets to play on. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions by phone, email or this online form:


The beauty and big advantage of having artificial putting greens is that will need minimal maintenance if any! If you have your artificial putting green installed in a area that consistently have debris or leaves, all you might have to do is to blow off these when such things presented. Other than that, there won’t be anything else. From time to time, if you would like to increase the ball speed, you might want to add some more sand infills onto your artificial putting green, but such adding infills happen will be in an intervals of months if not years. 

Please free feel to contact us if you have any other questions of concerns via phone, email or this online form, we are here to help!


Freshcut is a product we have developed with our partners to eliminate the pet odors on artificial grass. It is enzyme based and designed to neutralize pet odors with a scent of fresh grass cut. This product comes with a garden hose attachment so you can simply connect and spray down the areas that have pet smell issues, your artificial grass lawn will smell like a freshly cut grass! To learn more about our Pet Deodorizer, please visit this link or contact us via phone or email:


Our artificial grass is not porous therefore it won't stain to retain any smell or secretions. All of our products are made of PE and PP namely Polyethylene and Polypropylene, products made from such raw materials are very similar as many other plastic products which can be stained. However, some artificial grass produced by other manufacturers using Nylon or PA raw material, such nylon products are porous which can be stained, also dog smells can be trapped within the artificial grass fibers. 

Keep in mind that we offer free consultations, please feel free to contact us via phone, email or online form should you have any further questions or concerns:

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Artificial grass doesn’t have any odor to it even though they are made of plastic resins. However, like any products, there might be some smells from the packing when you first open up the artificial grass rolls: this is more like a new car. We always recommend to open up your turf and leave it outside under the sun for an hour or so to “relax” and acclaim before installation or before bring it inside (if you are using it for indoors). Going through such process, smells will be dissipated if there is any from the packaging at all.

It might be a good idea for you to get a piece of artificial grass sample and check it out yourself, please feel free to reach us via phone, email or this online form:


Artificial grass requires minimum maintenances if any, depending on the applications and usages. Typically for people’s front yards with minimum traffics or usages, you might not to do anything for years besides to remove leaves or debris from the lawn surface. Some heavy used areas, you might need to brush/rake up the fibers from time to time and adding some infills when needed. 

To find out more about this topic, please visit our product specification page and take a look at our suggested maintenance guide:


Artificial grass can be used both outdoors and indoors, we design our products for both uses without any issues. I will say the majority of applications of artificial grass are outdoors as it is mainly the perfect replica of real grass. However, in order to achieve landscape designs for some indoor applications, real grass won't be feasible due to the watering or maintenance concerns, artificial turf will be the only option. Also, all the indoor events, sport fields will need artificial grass as well. Sometimes, people will use artificial turf for indoor carpet for which application, I will always suggest to use turf with shorter blades so it will be easier to clean and provide less tripping concerns.

We offer free consultations, please feel free to reach us via phone, email or this online form:

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Under normal weather, usage and traffic, artificial grass can last as long as 15-25 years! We offer a limited 15 year warranty against any manufacturing defect. We go through very rigorous testings on all of our products on anti-UV, discolorations and wear/tear before we introduce our products onto the market, you should have a peace of mind by having our artificial grass. 

Should you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach us via phone, email or this online form:


There is very minimum maintenance involved for your artificial grass. You might not need any maintenance at all if your artificial grass installed in areas not much getting used such as front yard, for none or less traffic/usage areas like most of front yards, you might just need to blow or brush off leaves or debris from time to time. Other areas where your artificial turf installed being used a lot or with a lot of traffics such as back yard, from time to time, you will need to clean if off by simply rinsing with your garden hose or add some additional infills once a year. For some of the heavy traffic areas, you might want to brush up the flattened blades from time to time. We have a recommendation document for minimum maintenance for your artificial grass, please visit this link for nore details:

Please always feel free to reach us via phone, email or the online form for any other questions or concerns you may have:


It is a good question. From time to time, dog urine odor can become a problem for pets owners, regardless for real grass or artificial grass. However, with artificial grass, there are ways of preventing such issues and there are ways to resolve such problems. 

When you are installing the artificial grass, you want to use zeolite infill as it will help neutralizing the pet urine smells. To find our more on how zeolite infill works, please visit this link:

In any cases of the bad odor has already become an issue with your artificial grass, you should use vinegar or our Pet Odor Neutralizer to get rid of it: all you need is a garden hose attached bottle for your vinegar and spray throughout the smell area; if you use our Neutralizer, it comes as a bottle with garden hose attaching on it already. Here is the link:


Our artificial grass requires very minimum maintenances if any. Here are some of scenarios when it comes to artificial turf maintenances:

If you are installing the artificial grass in a busy area with a lot of traffic and usage, you will need to periodically brush or rake up the grass as they fibers will lay down faster than less traffic areas. However, if fibers laying down doesn't bother you, you can leave them as it without worrying about it. 

If you have your artificial grass installed in slope areas or your turf with short blades, from time to time you might want to add some infills as after a long while, your original infills might get wash away.

In most of cases that there is limited traffic and minimum usages such as most people's front yard, there is almost nothing to be done on your artificial grass once installed. We have so many customers that never have done any maintenance on their artificial grass lawns years after they were installed. Maybe just to blow off the leaves on it and that is it.

For more information regarding your question, you can always visit this link on our website, under each product there is maintenance page on it;


Not really. Our turf is designed and manufactured with no rubbery smell to them. There might be some new product packing smells when you first open up the turf which should dissipate very quickly once you have turf open up and have it acclimate under the sun. If you would like, you can fill out this form online, and we will be more than happy to get you some samples to check things out:


There are couple of ways of deodorizing urine smells from fake grass, always use a garden hose to spray rinsing the grass with a attached bottle of vinegar, this probably the cheapest way for deodorizing. Or, you can use our Pet Odor Neutralizer, this product is designed to get rid of smells effectively and come in with a garden hose attachment already, simply attach it and spray, you will not only get rid of the smell, but also have a scent of freshly lawn cut. To find out more details on our Pet Odor Neutralizer, please check out this link:


It might but rarely. Our artificial turf is designed to drain exceptionally well, sometimes the dog urine residues can stay and might have smell to it especially in hot dry weather conditions. If it is ever the case, you can easily take care of by spray with vinegar or our Pet Odor Neutralizer:


In reality, we don't come across dog smell issues as often. Our artificial grass drains so well, and if installations were done properly, the dog smell situations can be minimized early. Here are some suggestions I have to prevent, minimize and get rid of dog smells:

1. At the installation, use Zeolite as artificial turf infill, some people even go extra miles by putting a layer of Zeolite underneath the turf. Zeofill serves as an agent to neutralize urine odors, you can find the details regarding this product here:

2. Use a hose garden attached bottle filled with vinegar and spray down the smelly areas, or

3. Use our Pet Odor Neutralizer to attach onto a garden hose to spray down the smelly areas, this product will not only get rid the dog smell, but also provide a fresh cut lawn scent. Here is the link:


We design our products to last a very long time. Under normal weather with proper use and minimum maintenance, our product will last 25 years. 


Absolutely! Some experienced installers have power washer as their standard installation equipment, after they install the turf and add infills, they will do a power wash on the finished product, not only to clean up the artificial lawn, but also to "brush up" the blades. Being experienced, they will not spray the infills out of turf, mainly power wash the grass fibers.

During the regular use of artificial grass and if you feel like cleaning, you can always use regular garden hose to spray. If power wash, just be a bit careful not to spray the infills out of the turf. 

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Clean up the surface from debris with leafblowers or rake. Hose off pet waste. To remove any spillage, use regular cleaner, rag or brush, and then rinse with water.

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