S-Shape Blade

S-Shape Blade: Artificial Grass Synthetic Turf Blade Designs Unique

Bring out a magnifying glass and zoom in artificial grass fiber. Except for putting greens, you will see two main components - grass blades and thatching. Grass blades come in different colors, heights, and shapes. Thatching replicates the layers of dead turfgrass tissue lying between the green vegetation of the grass above and the soil below. The artificial grass thatching is made on shorter, curvy Polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer, and might be one or two-colored (brown, beige, tan, and green.) Synthetic fibers texture (blades shapes) evolve over the years to take different forms, starting with flat, smooth, rectangular blades, to improve quality and resilience of the end-product. The shape influences several factors. The ability for grass to withstand foot traffic without flattening down increases proportionally with the complexity of texture. Heat retention is another property of synthetic turf affected by its configuration.

The S-Shape fiber is featured in Global Syn-Turf Performance series. The design replicated the texture of natural sod and known for its soft feel, performance, and almost invisible shine. Treated with anti-UV stabilizers prior to injection moulding, synthetic fibers resist UV radiation, thus preventing ultraviolet attacks and degradation. Thicker S blades with irregular texture and solid architecture offer better performance compared to flatten smooth fibers. Under temporary pressure, it folds in and stands up immediately after, which relates to improved resilience of the field.

Most common artificial grass has a high reflective shine, much like a "wet" look. There is a fascination with gloss, think for example of shining shoes, polishing apples, and squeaky-clean. When it comes to replication of artificial plants, shiny surfaces are the other way around. Smooth, flat blades look like brushed aluminum under excessive sunlight, the look no one likes. S-Blade artificial grass looks realistic due to its uneven blade surface that dissipates sunlight removing the polished glossy impression.

The popularity of the S-Blade yarn is impressive. The shape itself is the top performer. Along with the proper face weight, double-thatching, and quality of materials used in manufacturing, this unique fiber offers solutions for multiple application: backyard and front yard synthetic lawns, commercial and residential projects, playgrounds, and pet areas, where authentic appearance and performance are desired.