Customer Reviews: Little Rock Arkansas

4.9 stars based on 30 customer reviews

Gammon Arkansas

I received this about three weeks ago and wasn't sure how my pet would react to it or if I could use it more for the play area for my kids. The turf itself was easy to open and didn't require much effort to lay out. It claims to be easy to clean if the pet uses it for peeing, but I haven't had to test that yet. I placed it near the backyard, and so far, it's been great. The kids love it because it's soft, and so does my dog.

Neal Springs Arkansas

I have been using this glue for over a year and haven’t had any problems. It’s held up to a lot of abuse and still holds the carpet in place perfectly.

Chalybeate Springs Arkansas

Well packaged and easy installation. Great look and quality. It also absorbs impact well

Lesterville Arkansas

The installation service was EXCELLENT! I received top-tier, professional service. The installation person helped me install to my backyard, for which I was extremely grateful-it was very heavy and large. It's really great!

Levesque Arkansas

I have been thoroughly enjoying it. After practicing at home, I noticed a positive difference in my putting during my first time on the course. It has definitely been a worthwhile investment for me.

Happy Bend Arkansas

I have a tiny house and a huge backyard with lots of weeds. I purchased over 500 sq ft of this turf last June to try it out. The color has remained nice, and there are no weeds. I have now purchased more to finish the rest of the yard. It's a hefty purchase, especially for a large area, but I'm super happy with it! Not having to deal with weeds is worth it, and it makes the backyard look so much better.

Gaither Arkansas

We're renting, so anything we do has to be easily undone. We put this turf on top of the rocks, and we can barely feel the rocks through it. It looks nice and breaks up the gray of the backyard. Our dog doesn't use it for her business but loves to lay on it and play on it. We're very happy with this turf!

Simmons Arkansas

We purchased a 10x18 piece, and it was fairly easy to lay. We knew we would need to trim it a little, and that wasn’t too hard to do either. I haven't tried cleaning it yet, so I'm not sure how that will go, especially with our four cats that love to hang out on the porch. It should be interesting to see how it handles cat hair. We get a good amount of rain during storms, and the grass seems to dry quickly afterward. We've received a ton of compliments so far. I would definitely recommend this product!

Annieville Arkansas

This turf was really easy to install and cut to the size we needed. We used it to fill in the side of the sidewalk where the grass hardly grows. I like it so much that I’m getting more for the backyard, and now my neighbor wants some for their side too.

Hogan Arkansas

I bought this for my dog because we are in the mountains and real grass is not really an option, she loves it and rolls on it and spends most her time sitting on it waiting to see squirrels.

Arthur Arkansas

I've been using these for a while at my vacation home. I'm pleasantly surprised, by how durable they're.

Donnick Arkansas

The leaves appear lifelike. I found it simple to hang them in my bathroom to create a spa ambiance. They are adaptable enough that I intend to use the rest to create a wall in my bedroom. I appreciated that the item did not have any plastic scent – that was a surprise!

Majors Arkansas

I've tested sprays to get rid of the smell of urine, on the artificial turf but none of them made much of a difference. However this infill worked away. Has really made a significant impact!

Maple Arkansas

It definitely performs as intended. We could have gone with sand. We preferred the green sand for aesthetic reasons. It functions well keeps the green in place but its quite pricey, for its purpose.

Joan Arkansas

As a homeowner in Clark County, AR, I’ve found Benderboard Stakes to be essential for keeping my yard looking neat and tidy. They’re perfect for securing our garden borders and pathways, providing a clean and professional finish. The stakes are sturdy and easy to install, holding the benderboard firmly in place even in our challenging weather conditions. They’ve made a noticeable difference in the appearance and maintenance of our landscaping. If you’re looking to keep your garden edges crisp and well-defined, I highly recommend these stakes!

Saratoga Arkansas

I used these for my pigeon enclosure as the backdrop to create a more "natural" setting. It works great, I thought my pigeons were going to nip or try to eat the willow hedge but they seem to ignore it which is perfect. I'm hoping they will nest in there. This was a good investment for my pigeon enclosure!

Amboy Arkansas

I recently spruced up my backyard with GST's Cashmere 52 Terracotta, and it’s been fantastic! The terracotta shade adds such a warm, inviting touch to the landscape. It feels incredibly soft underfoot, which is perfect for barefoot backyard days. Installation was a breeze, and I'm thrilled with the low maintenance. It’s totally transformed my outdoor living area into a cozy retreat.

Springdale Arkansas

It took well over a year of experimenting with different turf suppliers to figure out what my customers wanted. Turns out, they prefer selection over anything else. They like to have the freedom to choose from multiple products rather than just a few. Luckily, I found GST, who offers so many products that I haven't even tried yet. Some noticeable turfs are the pet series, the S blade, and the Riviera Monterey series. These sell EXTREMELY well and I will definitely be keeping a stock of these rolls at all times. Give GST a try and order a few samples, you should be happy with your decision.


Fort Smith Arkansas

I absolutely love GST turf... It's got to the best if not one of the best turfs I've ever laid eyes on. Truly amazing vibrant colors to choose from, which by the way is super rare in my area. I just wish there was a physical warehouse location closer to my company, that would make it 5/5 stars in my eyes instantly. Very happy with everything else though relating to customer service, the products, etc


Little Rock Arkansas

For the turf itself, the quality is definitely there. I love how easy GST products to install as well. All in all a solid company and solid products. The sales reps helped me throughout the beginning process to get me on my feet and I greatly appreciate that. I just wish there was a GST branch in Arkansas so that I can go in and look at all the selections without having to order samples. Other than that, I think GST is amazing and the turf they offer is some of the best I've personally seen.


Fayetteville Arkansas
People like myself who have been in the turf industry for more than a decade know the story of GST. I still remember when they first originated, they were a tiny supplier. Never would I have thought that they would become an industry leader in supplying turf in just one decade. I was lucky enough to be a partner since the beginning and I can confidently say that they're only getting better. Their selection has increased at least 10x, their inventory is on another level and their customer service team is truly dedicated. My advice would be to try out different suppliers and figure out which one works for you. I've tried basically every major supplier out there and I still like GST the best.

Gilbert Arkansas

GST has some of the best patio turf on the market hands down. I've gotten so many requests for rooftop or patio projects that I find myself constantly ordering more. Thankfully GST never runs out of stock and I can rely on them to be there for whenever I need more turf. Although patio areas are my specialty, I've heard a lot of great things about their lawn turfs as well. It's hard to go wrong with a big company with a solid product. I think you should give GST a try if you haven't already.


Fort Smith Arkansas

My customers are in love with the Riviera Monterey series. I had one customer order the Riviera Monterey 84 for all 3 of his houses for a total of 6 yards done. The build quality is consistently high which is probably why everyone keeps coming back for more. If I could give 6 stars I would, since GST is more than just a turf supplier to me. I've been a partner with them for 3 years now and have had nothing but great experiences. I was able to scale my company from a small distributor to a medium sized one all thanks to GST.


Jonesboro Arkansas
Huge vouch for the GST team. They are always friendly and helpful when I make orders. I feel very taken care of when I do business with GST. My personal recommendation for turf choice would be the Riviera Monterey series. I've heard great things about it from my clients and it seems to be the standard go to choice. I've ordered samples for some of the other turfs as well and hope that my customers will like those. I have high hopes. Glad to finally be a GST partner!

Little Rock Arkansas
GST has always been the most consistent supplier in my eyes. Their core team has never changed and the service they provide is always top notch. I've never had a situation where I needed a certain type of turf and they ran out of stock. They have so many warehouses across the nation and they are always fully stocked on any type of turf I need. Sometimes I order up to 25 rolls and they somehow are still able to fulfill my requests. Absolutely incredible company, cheers

Murfreesboro Arkansas

If you're hesitant about offering artificial turf, give GST samples a try. They got a lot of selection and they're industry leaders so you can't go wrong. My customers love their products and my team loves working with the GST team. It's been a great 5 years of partnership and I look forward to another 5.


Gilbert Arkansas

It is hard to find a good manufacturer of Artificial Grass.  Global Syn Turf is a fully integrated manufacturer of synthetic grass from the yard extrusion, tufting, coating and then distribution.  There are very few manufacturers of artificial turf that can say they are fully integrated.  GST's quality control and quality artificial turf components are their success to being a worldwide leader in artificial turf design and construction.  Contact Global Syn Turf today for samples of their turf and a list of their national network of dealers.


Little Rock Arkansas

Global Syn Turf is one of the largest manufacturers and carries one of the largest inventories in the country.  I had to do a lot of research to find this company.  I spoke with so many different companies trying to find the company that actually makes the turf.  A turf company I called in Florida was nice enough to give me Global Syn Turf's name and phone number.  Apparently the Florida company carried Global Syn Turf products.  Global Syn Turf does not install turf they only make it.  They wre nice enough to give me their suppliers information here in Arkansas.  Their products are superior and their service is excellence.


Fort Smith Arkansas

Just had my new turf delivered to me this week.  From the day I contacted Global Syn Turf I had my turf delivered to my house.  Global Syn Turf referred me to their turf distributor here in Arkansas, made my turf order and two days later my turf was on my door stop.  If you are in a hurry and need turf fast I recommend you call Global Syn Turf and find a distributor in your area.  Thanks Global Syn Turf, thumbs up!!!


Little Rock Arkansas

Global Syn Turf and their team has a get it done attitude.  Their team helped me get connected with their dealer here in Arkansas.  I needed to find some turf for a party very fast and Global Syn Turf jumped through hoops to help me get what I needed.  Thanks to the entire Global Syn Turf Team!!!


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