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Having heard so much about the UltraReal synthetic turf, my expectations were sky-high, and I must say, upon receiving our first shipment, I was not disappointed. Right from the unboxing, the quality of UltraReal was apparent. The colors are vibrant and rich, with a mix of Apple Green, Field Green, Light Brown, and Olive Green that captures the essence of natural grass perfectly. Even without installing it, the texture and the mix of Diamond Blade, S Shape, and W Shape blades felt incredibly premium and unlike anything else we've had in stock.

The product's specifications, including the 65 ounces per square yard face weight and 2-inch pile height, are impressive on paper and even more so in person. It's clear that a lot of thought has gone into the design and technology of UltraReal, from the realistic color mix to the advanced blade shapes designed for durability and resilience.

As a distributor, our first impression of UltraReal is exceptionally positive. It's evident that this turf is a high-quality product that stands out in the artificial grass market. We are excited to offer UltraReal to our customers and are confident it will meet their needs for a durable, realistic, and low-maintenance lawn solution. The anticipation for the feedback from our first installations is high, and we believe UltraReal will set a new standard in synthetic turf.



Hey fellow dog lovers! As a turf installer here in the sunny and scorching Las Vegas, I've found a real gem for our furry friends' playgrounds. Zeolite. This stuff is magic for anyone battling those stubborn pet odors. It's all-natural, which means it's safe for our pups and the environment, a win-win in my book. The heat here can amplify smells, but this infill keeps everything smelling fresh, even during those blistering summer days. My clients with pets are always amazed at how effective it is at neutralizing odors and keeping their yards pleasant. So, if your canine companions are turning your backyard into a bit of a stink zone, I'd highly recommend giving this infill a shot. It's great for keeping outdoor spaces fresh and enjoyable, no matter the heat!



I run a shelter for Siberian Huskies, and as you can imagine, keeping our outdoor spaces clean and odor-free is a huge priority. That's where Zeodorizer has made a significant impact for us. This infill is a lifesaver for areas frequented by dogs, effectively neutralizing odors that come with housing many pups. It's provided both me and our huskies a much more pleasant space to play and relax. With its durability and effectiveness, even under the paws of our energetic Siberian Huskies, this stuff has been outstanding. Maintenance has become easier, and I've noticed a substantial decrease in the effort required to keep the turf areas clean. For anyone with dogs, especially active breeds like huskies, this infill is an essential choice.



As a turf installer, I've seen plenty of infill options, but WonderFill stands out, especially for families. Its unique shape makes it far less abrasive than traditional infills, a big plus for kids' play areas where falls and tumbles are part of the fun. What really sets it apart, though, is its ability to help prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. This feature offers peace of mind to parents concerned about hygiene and health on their artificial lawns. WonderFill doesn't just keep the turf looking great; it makes it a safer place for children to play. I highly recommend it to any parent looking to install artificial turf. It's a choice that combines safety with quality, ensuring a cleaner, more enjoyable outdoor space for the whole family.

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Just wrapped up another artificial turf project here in sunny Los Angeles, and I've gotta say, TCool Infill has been a game changer for us. With the intense heat we get, keeping the turf cool is a major concern for my clients. TCool Infill has been amazing in this regard, significantly reducing the surface temperature of the turf, making it comfortable to walk on, even on the hottest days. The installation process is straightforward, and my clients are always impressed with how much cooler their lawns feel. It's become a must-have for all my installations, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to beat the heat with their artificial turf.

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Just wanted to drop a quick review on this Green Sand I've been using for my latest artificial grass projects. First off, love the green coating on this sand! It blends in super well with the turf, making the whole setup look more natural and lush. No one likes to see that odd, out-of-place sand color peeking through, right?

I've worked with both the size 16 and size 30, and they're pretty versatile. Whether it's for those backyard putting greens or just sprucing up the lawn, this sand works like a charm. It's kiln dried too, which means it's super clean and spreads evenly without any clumps. A total breeze to work with!

Drainage-wise, it's top-notch. Rain or shine, this sand keeps the turf dry and comfortable underfoot, which my clients totally appreciate. Plus, the fact that it's colored means it keeps looking good, even with a bit of wear and tear.

All in all, if you're into making your artificial grass projects pop with that extra bit of realism, this Green Sand is a game changer. Easy to work with, looks great, and does its job - what more could you ask for? Cheers!


As a professional installer of synthetic turf, I've had my fair share of experiences with different types of infill, but Silica Sand has consistently stood out as a top choice for my projects. The granule size is perfect for providing the right amount of support and stability to the turf fibers, ensuring they stand upright and mimic the natural look of grass as closely as possible.

One of the most significant advantages of Silica Sand is its ability to drain water efficiently. This is crucial for outdoor installations where rainwater pooling can be a problem. With Silica Sand, the drainage is seamless, preventing mold and mildew growth, which can be a common issue with poorer quality infills.

Another aspect I appreciate is the durability of the product. It withstands heavy foot traffic without losing its shape or compacting too much, which can affect the turf's performance and appearance over time. This resilience makes Silica Sand an excellent investment for high-use areas, ensuring the turf remains functional and aesthetically pleasing for years to come.

Lastly, from an installer's perspective, Silica Sand is easy to work with. It spreads evenly and integrates well with the turf, making the installation process smoother and faster. This not only saves time but also ensures a high-quality finish that my clients are always pleased with.

Silica Sand is my go-to choice for synthetic turf installations. Its performance, durability, and ease of use make it an invaluable component of any high-quality turf system. I highly recommend it to fellow professionals in the industry looking for reliable and effective infill options.


These Galvanized Spikes are a game-changer for turf installers like me. I've been in the business for years, and these spikes have become my go-to choice. Why? Well, they're tough as nails, and I mean that quite literally. The galvanized coating keeps them rust-free, which is a big deal when you're dealing with outdoor installations. These bad boys can take a beating and still hold up.

What really makes them shine is their versatility. Whether I'm working on a fancy residential lawn or a rugged sports field, these spikes get the job done. They're 6 inches long, which means they go deep into the ground, making sure that turf isn't going anywhere. Plus, they slide into the ground like butter, making my job easier. So, if you want a hassle-free and rock-solid turf installation, these Galvanized Spikes are the way to go.


These 6" Turf Staples are an absolute must-have in my toolkit as a professional turf installer. When it comes to securing synthetic turf with precision and reliability, these staples are top-notch. Their 6-inch length allows for deep penetration into the ground, ensuring that the turf stays firmly anchored. I've used these staples in various turf installations, from residential lawns to sports fields, and they have never let me down.

What sets these staples apart is their robust build and durability. They can withstand the elements, ensuring that the turf remains securely in place even in challenging weather conditions. The ease of use is another advantage – they go into the ground smoothly, making the installation process hassle-free.



These Installation Nails are a game-changer for any synthetic turf project. As a professional installer, I've tried various nails over the years, but these are hands down the best. They're designed with precision, making my job a breeze. They go in smoothly, hold the turf securely, and ensure a wrinkle-free finish. Plus, their durability means I can trust that the turf will stay in place for years to come. If you're in the business or just tackling a DIY project, these nails are a must-have for a pro-level synthetic grass installation.


As a professional turf installer, I'm always on the lookout for materials that can enhance the quality and durability of artificial grass installations. Closed-Cell XPE Foam Shock Pads have proven to be an absolute game-changer in the industry.

First and foremost, the advantages of these shock pads are hard to overlook. They are incredibly lightweight, making the installation process a breeze. No need for messy glues or adhesives – just lay them down, and they seamlessly integrate with the turf.

One of the standout features is their shatterproof nature. These pads can withstand heavy use and provide consistent shock absorption, ensuring a safe and comfortable surface for both sports and recreational activities.

I also appreciate that they are non-dusting, which keeps the installation area clean and free from debris. Their resistance to chemicals and grease is a significant plus, as it ensures longevity and maintains the integrity of the turf.

The superb strength and tear resistance of Closed-Cell XPE Foam are evident in the durability they offer. They don't absorb water, which is crucial for maintaining a stable surface over time.

What sets them apart is their resistance to mold, bacteria, and mildew, which ensures a hygienic and safe playing environment. Plus, they are nontoxic, adding an extra layer of safety.


As a mom, my kids' safety is always my top priority, especially when they're playing outside. That's why I decided to install 2-1/8 inch thick lawn pads under our backyard artificial turf. The difference has been remarkable! The pads provide a soft, cushioned surface that's perfect for all their running, tumbling, and playing.

I've noticed how these pads absorb impact and reduce the risk of injuries, which is a huge relief for me. Whether they're playing soccer, practicing gymnastics, or just running around, I feel much more at ease knowing there's a layer of protection under them.


I've been using the PET ODOR NEUTRALIZER on my artificial grass, especially in the dog run area, and it's been a total game-changer. With two active dogs, managing the odor was always a challenge, but this product has made such a difference. It's incredibly effective at neutralizing pet smells, leaving the grass smelling fresh every day.

What I love most about this neutralizer is its eco-friendly and non-toxic formula. Knowing that it's safe for both my pets and kids gives me peace of mind. The live liquid enzyme not only dissolves odor but also breaks down waste and bacteria, which is fantastic for hygiene.

The application is easy and the results are immediate. It's perfect not just for artificial turf but also for natural grass, which is a bonus. I've even recommended it to my local vet clinic and they're equally impressed.

Overall, if you're a pet owner with artificial grass, this PET ODOR NEUTRALIZER is a must-have. It's effective, safe, and keeps your outdoor space pleasant and odor-free. Definitely a five-star product in my book!


I recently decided to redo my backyard with artificial grass and chose the Wonder Edge for the project. I must say, this product has completely transformed the look and feel of my outdoor space. The dark brown wood color of the Wonder Edge blends seamlessly with the surroundings, giving it a natural and professional finish.

What impressed me most about the Wonder Edge was its durability. It's clearly built to last, which is essential for any landscaping project. The installation process was straightforward, and it perfectly complemented the artificial grass, providing a clean, crisp border that defines the area beautifully.

Another plus point is how it simplifies the installation of artificial grass. It's designed to make the process more efficient, which saved me a lot of time and effort. I've had it for a few months now, and it's held up exceptionally well against various weather conditions.

Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with the Wonder Edge. It's an excellent product for anyone looking to professionalize their artificial grass installation. I highly recommend it for its quality, ease of use, and aesthetic appeal.

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I've just finished a landscaping project using Bender Board Stakes and they're brilliant. These stakes were easy to work with and really sturdy, perfect for securing the edges of my garden paths and turf. What I appreciated most was their dark wood appearance, which added a natural and polished look to my garden. Despite various weather conditions, they've held up really well and haven't shown any signs of wear. These stakes are a simple, yet effective solution for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor space with a professional touch.


I recently used Bender Board for edging in my garden and it's been fantastic. Made from 100% recycled plastic, it was a breeze to install along the curved and irregular edges between my artificial turf and concrete. It's impressively sturdy, weather-resistant, and hasn't faded a bit, even with my pets around. I love the neat, clean look it gives to my garden beds, and it's great knowing it's an eco-friendly choice.


I recently used BenderBoard for my yard, and it's been fantastic! I love that it's made from 100% recycled plastic – it feels good to use a product that's eco-friendly. I used it to create a clean border between my new artificial grass and the mulch beds, and the difference is striking. The board provides a strong, crisp partition that really enhances the overall look of my garden.

Its sturdy structure has already proven to be resistant to the weather and my two energetic dogs, showing no signs of fading or damage. What I appreciated most was its versatility. I have a few curved and irregular edges in my garden, and the BenderBoard adapted perfectly to all of them. It was surprisingly flexible and super easy to install – I managed to do it all by myself!

Overall, I'm thrilled with how BenderBoard has transformed the edges in my yard. It looks professional, neat, and I can tell it's going to last a long time. Highly recommend it for anyone looking to upgrade their yard's appearance!

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I recently had my front yard completely transformed with synthetic turf, and the addition of the weed barrier has made all the difference! The turf itself looks incredibly lush and realistic – my neighbors can't believe it's not real grass. But the real hero is the weed barrier underneath. Since the installation, I haven't seen a single weed pop up, which used to be a constant battle in my yard.

The size of the weed barrier roll was perfect for covering my entire front yard, and it seems very durable. I was worried about weeds ruining the look of the turf or damaging it over time, but that's not a concern anymore. The 8-year warranty adds an extra layer of confidence in the product.

The best part? My yard maintenance has drastically reduced. No more mowing, no more weeding – just a beautiful, green lawn that looks great all year round. I highly recommend going for the full synthetic turf installation with the weed barrier. It's a game-changer.

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I recently had a complete artificial grass installation by Global Syn-Turf, and they included their Gopher Wire in the process due to my past issues with gophers. This all-in-one solution has completely transformed my lawn experience!

Before, I was constantly battling gopher damage, which was not only unsightly but also damaging to the lawn's structure. With the installation of the Gopher Wire beneath the turf, these concerns are now a thing of the past. The mesh size of the wire is perfectly designed to deter gophers effectively while maintaining the integrity and appearance of the artificial grass above.

What's truly impressive is how seamlessly the Gopher Wire integrates with the turf installation. It's undetectable from the surface yet incredibly effective at preventing gopher intrusion. The entire lawn area, covered by the 4'x100' wire, is now fully protected, giving me a sense of security and satisfaction.

The quality of both the artificial grass and the Gopher Wire is top-notch. Since the installation, my lawn has not only been gopher-free but also maintained its lush, green appearance with minimal maintenance. It's comforting to know that Global Syn-Turf not only provided a beautiful artificial turf solution but also took proactive steps to address the gopher problem.

I wholeheartedly recommend Global Syn-Turf for anyone looking to install artificial grass, especially if you're dealing with similar wildlife issues. Their comprehensive approach, including the Gopher Wire, ensures a beautiful, durable, and problem-free lawn for years to come. Excellent work by Global Syn-Turf!


Global Syn-Turf has recently installed Super Natural Lite in my backyard, and I couldn't be happier! Living in an area with fluctuating temperatures, I needed something durable, and this turf has exceeded my expectations. It looks incredibly lush and realistic, and the multi-colored blades blend beautifully, giving it a natural grass appearance. Highly recommend Global Syn-Turf's Super Natural Lite.

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Definitely cooler in the arizona area during the hot days


was looking for a slightly less green turf to look more natural. Loved this for the backyard

Love it, it's soft and easy to step on.


If you're seeking to create a truly mesmerizing and inviting playground, look no further than the combination of Trainers Turf. With its stunning blend of vibrant colors, the installation of Trainers Turf on our playground has completely transformed the space into something truly amazing.

The combination of Trainers Turf on our playground is a visual delight that captivates both children and adults alike. The vibrant colors of green, blue, and white come together harmoniously, creating a play area that sparks joy and imagination. The vivid green turf brings a sense of lushness and freshness, while the pops of blue and white add an element of excitement and visual interest. The overall effect is simply breathtaking.



If you're looking for a playground turf that not only captivates the imagination but also prioritizes safety, look no further than Trainers Turf. With its winning combination of green, blue, and white, this synthetic turf creates a visually stunning play area that will delight children of all ages.

One of the standout features of Trainers Turf is its vibrant color palette. The blend of green, blue, and white creates a playful and inviting atmosphere that instantly captures attention. The bold hues infuse energy into the playground, making it an exciting and stimulating space for kids to explore and engage in imaginative play.


New Albany Ohio

Everything was great. Recommend.

Wonderful. Thank you!


Amazing looking turf. I hope it will last me a while.

Great job.


Installed in my back and front yard. Love it.

Looks Great!


Looks awesome, feels great under feet.

Love this turf!


I need to know more about the prices and products. Thank you!