Double W Blade

Double W Blade: Artificial Grass Synthetic Turf Technology Blade Designs

Most of us still remember an old Astroturf, which in the last decade became the thing of the past. Today, artificial grass technology offers invisible to an eye imitation of natural grass. Most of these advancements are deeply rooted in the synthetic fiber manufacturing process. The departure from flat, smooth turf fibers didn't happen overnight, but over the years, various shapes of synthetic fiber were introduced to the market. The shape of fibers is more than a visual appeal; it offers different benefits like durability, resistance to wear and tear, and also thermodynamic properties.

Double W Shape fiber is the latest advancement in the synthetic turf industry that has been seen in decades. The design goal behind these thicker, curved filaments is to keep them upright, ensuring predictable performance and extraordinary durability and appearance.

The three veins of the Double W shaped grass blades create a realistic look to such an exceptional degree that a human eye cannot see the difference between a natural and artificial lawn. The waving surface of each blade diffuses sunlight, reducing the possibility of an unnatural, white-glass plastic appearance. Durability is another advantage. Highly durable under constant pressure, these fibers projected over twenty years life expectancy and recommended for high-traffic areas. Due to its light diffusing characteristics, an artificial grass with Double W-shaped blades carries away more heat energy, which prevents lawns from overheating during the hottest summer days.