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Understanding Cold Winters in a Warming World: A Climate Paradox

In recent years, a peculiar phenomenon has piqued the interest of both the public and scientific communities: the occurrence of notably cold winters in various regions across the globe, despite the overarching trend of global warming. This seemingly contradictory situation raises important questions about our understanding of climate change and its impacts on local weather patterns.

Shocking Climate Changes in Oregon: Drought Report

California has been getting the tons of attention for the historic drought, but it is not only one state that experiences severe economic impacts on agriculture and natural resources. The drought is officially declared in the state of Oregon. According to the final Water Supply Review for 2015, the NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service), Oregon's snowpack in the winter of 2015 peaked at the lowest levels ranked in the last 35 years.

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Global Warming is Happening: Surviving Retirement

If you are retired and live on a fixed income, don't fall into a trap of ignoring the entire global warming concept. According to surveys, two-third of Americans believe in a scientist's disagreement on the issue. You might be surprised, but today scientists agree on climate change exceeds 99%. Global warming is happening. The consequences are terrifying. Water deficiency leads to a farming crisis in the drought states.

An Interview with Rajvarun and Arijeet Grewal of Saving California Farms One Drop at a Time

Brothers Arijeet and Rajvarun Grewal, students in Hanford, CA, helped forward a bill that would subsidize synthetic turf in California. The bill, AB 603, was introduced by Bakersfield assembly member Rudy Salas in February. If passed, the bill would grant a subsidy to those who replace their natural grass lawns with artificial grass. Ari and Raj, students in Hantford at Pioneer Middle School and Sierra Pacific High School, thought of the idea and suggested it to Mr. via a letter. Mr.

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