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Artificial Grass Cost Calculator. Water and money you save

Artificial Grass Cost Calculator

Get installation costs immediately! Calculate synthetic lawn vs. natural turf maintenance, initial installation prices, labor and landscape services costs, gallons of water you use every year. Start now and save!

calculate cost of materials needed for artificial grass installation

Artificial Grass Calculator: Materials

Instantly get the list of materials you need for installation with associated amounts, costs, and rental equipment fees.

Backyard Makeover, Artificial Grass West Sacramento, California

Artificial Grass Landscaping West Sacramento California

Global Syn-Turf synthetic grass in West Sacramento, California can help you reclaim previously unusable areas for the advantage of the community. Backyard makeover in Yolo County, California. Park owners decided to install synthetic grass from Global Syn-Turf on heavy activity areas because of its durability, the option to combine safety features and ability to preserve water.

Homeowners in West Sacramento, California and surrounding areas are using artificial grass to create unique backyard retreats. In California, Global Syn-Turf are helping to create an outdoor landscaping design using high-quality synthetic grass. Sometimes the artificial grass is being used inside the home for unique décor applications.

Modern artificial turf has grown bounds and leaps in respect to its appearance, composition and feel. Whereas the earliest generations of synthetic turf looked cheap and plastic, the quality and variety of synthetic grasses available now at Global Syn-Turf has improved dramatically. As you may know, we carry more than 65 types of synthetic grass including fake grass for landscaping, artificial grass for dogs, putting green and sports turf. You can get artificial turf that looks late-summer long or manicured, or get short grass in dark or light shades of green. And the best of all, it does not need mowing, aerating, watering or fertilizing.

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Let our project specialists and professional installers work with you from inspiration to completion of your project. We offer artificial grass installation services that will add value to your property, save money and water, and create an ideal, always green lawn that requires zero maintenance.

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