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Foothill Farms California

Many colleges, school, and professional sports programs are already playing on the new artificial grass playing surfaces. As high school sports progress into the new millennium, there is no reason to play on old surfaces and risk injury to your players. Global Syn-Turf synthetic grass plays like real grass, without the maintenance costs, stripped brown spots, and the ordinary tear and wear.

Serious athletic programs need serious sports turf. Latest inventions in synthetic turf surfaces make artificial grass the choice of the nation's most demanding sports programs. Global Syn-Turf technology provides the best synthetic grass surfaces; synthetic sports fields and landscapes that look, feel and play like the real grass.

Artificial grass saves you money and enhances any area, from commercial to residential landscapes, sports fields and putting greens. Synthetic grass is practical and there is no maintenance. Benefits include fewer man-hours of maintenance, lower fuel expenses and reduced pollution, as well as the creation of a year-round, aesthetically pleasing appearance.

With the growing popularity of youth sports, especially soccer, and the necessity for developing more and more athletic fields in Sacramento County, many communities are considering synthetic turf athletic fields. An old concept of artificial turf is much different than modern synthetic grass systems with a new in-fill technology that creates a field that looks much more like the real grass.

No matter what sporting needs you have, Global Syn-Turf of Foothill Farms, California, provides your facility with a surface that is safe, durable, and easy to maintain. Our artificial grass is ideal for all sports including football, soccer, lacrosse, baseball, field hockey, softball, and more. However, our synthetic turf is extremely versatile and also excellent for applications other than fields, like gyms, batting cages, indoor sports systems and more.

Global Syn-Turf artificial grass systems are accompanied by the longest warranty and are out-performing other fields. GST is the industry's ultimate synthetic turf. It's an amazingly plush, super-realistic surface with outstanding performance characteristics, the best safety rating, and the longest and strongest warranty.

Global Syn-Turf is the leading synthetic turf manufacturer in the United States. We develop and manufacture synthetic grass that exceed the requirements of all the individual sport's governing agencies. Performance and safety and standards continue to be our focus in product development. If you are looking for a synthetic grass supplier that has the experience, durability and longevity call Global Syn-Turf today.

The ultimate goal of our synthetic turf research and analysis is to provide an understanding of how synthetic grass performs, interacts and looks over time. Regarding the interplays between athletes and surface, outside environmental elements we are looking for ways to continuously improve synthetic grass.

Multi-Purpose synthetic grass made by Global Syn-Turf delivers attractive, no-maintenance, all-weather outdoor areas for sports outdoor and indoor activities. Multi-purpose turf areas can be installed in residential landscape areas as well as all-weather surfaces for practicing sports at home.

Artificial Grass Installation in Oxnard, California
Visit our Sports Fields Synthetic Turf Gallery to see how artificial grass is revolutionizing athletic play areas. From football fields to tennis courts, our photo collection showcases the resilience, performance, and aesthetic appeal of synthetic turf across various sports venues. Click here to explore how our cutting-edge artificial grass installations can transform your sports facility, ensuring optimal play conditions all year round.
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