Japanese Garden with Feng Shui Elements

Japanese Garden with Feng Shui Elements

Charleston, South Carolina

Japanese garden design is designed to provide spiritual heaven for peaceful contemplation. If you like to have a place to relax and feel peaceful in today's quick moving world, it's easy to understand why the idea of a Japanese garden s such a beneficial export. Having a place to unwind and draw inspiration is more important than ever.

An Asian rock garden is a very popular concept in Western culture. It's designed to portray a scene of mountains and rivers. In a combination of natural materials and man-made sculptures and elements, you can create a hybrid of calm that speaks to you. The purpose of this garden is clean; Zen.

Yet, any stunning landscape needs proper maintenance. While it's tempting to go with cliché ideas, artificial grass can contribute to the worry-free, easy-to-maintain garden that looks like a replica of the Japanese garden and feels exactly as you imagine - relaxed and tranquil. Monochromatic green as a primary palette doesn't allow colorful distraction on your journey towards Zen.

Everything Serves the Purpose. The thoughtful process behind this garden is that every little detail is a symbol. Cranes, lanterns, frogs, dragon status and a fountain featured on the side of a wooden bridge, serve their specific purpose.

A frog, for example, is raised on a rock, a respectful position that according to Feng Shui principles helps to attract money.

The Feng Shui dragon symbolizes abundant life, strength, prosperity, and fertility.

Two cranes alongside the bridge stand for good fortune, happiness and purity. Japanese believe this simple element can manifest eternal good luck and long, peaceful life. Displaying a pair of cranes represents the patriarch and matriarch role in family longevity and perpetual devotion.

Japanese Garden with Feng Shui Elements
Dry Rock Japanese Garden with Arching Bridge

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