Tennis Court Residential Synthetic Turf

Raleigh North Carolina

Around the perimeter of the tennis court, you see Olive 51. Star Grass Emerald Green and Olive Green blades with Brown and Green Thatching beautifully contrast with taller, 1.5 inches Olive 51 blades, slightly darker shade of Field Green and Olive Green, and shades of green of S Blade 50 with 1.57 inches pile height. S Blade 50 is a great turf for all types of residential and commercial landscapes; it provides impressive resilience and drainage.

Artificial Grass Installation in Oxnard, California
Visit our Sports Fields Synthetic Turf Gallery to see how artificial grass is revolutionizing athletic play areas. From football fields to tennis courts, our photo collection showcases the resilience, performance, and aesthetic appeal of synthetic turf across various sports venues. Click here to explore how our cutting-edge artificial grass installations can transform your sports facility, ensuring optimal play conditions all year round.
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