Carl Gomez
Joined: December 12, 2019

Before I started, I have been talking to 3 landscapers and installers, and they all recommended this product. I looked through many samples not only from Global Syn-Turf, but also from some other companies, but I liked this S Blade-90 the most. The grass height is perfect at 1-3/4", not too tall, and not short. The density is great, running my fingers through it, you can certainly feel so much grass! The color matches up the real grass in my neighborhood, it blends in very well. Still remember when I throw down a piece on my old real grass lawn, the sample simply "disappeared"! Another thing I like about this product is that it is not shinny like plastic, it is kind of dull looking, I really don't like that many fake grass from other companies look shinny and plastic, the choice definitely doesn't give me that. I was told that this is one of the flagship products by this company, and many celebrities properties have this particular artificial grass installed. I am glad with my choice, still like it after 6 month!

Nice house.

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