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I looked around a lot before purchasing turf for my backyard, which couldn't grow grass because my neighbor's huge trees were blocking all the sun. I read many reviews on other turf options and decided on this one. One reason was that it came in a 15' width, which was perfect for my backyard without having to tape two sections together. It is really high-quality turf and looks like real grass. Some visitors don't realize it's fake until they touch it! I had to buy another small piece for my side yard, and I bought a different brand from another store. I was not happy with that one; you can certainly tell the difference in quality with this one. I highly recommend it. Getting it to the backyard was a challenge with just me and my wife, but we found a way. I had many reservations about how well it would hold up, but I couldn't be happier. Rain goes right through it, washing away pet urine, or you can rinse it yourself. My backyard used to have puddles of water when it rained, but now it doesn't with the turf! I'm very happy with this purchase. My backyard feels so clean and inviting now, and the best part is that I have no maintenance!

really well made! and added shockpads under for extra cushion. feels real and looks good! no complaints from me!

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I've been using this for my raised garden beds and far I haven't had any issues, with weeds poking through. I simply placed sticks on top. Then covered them with dirt. It was quite easy to set up. The clips came in handy to prevent it from getting blown by the wind. The thickness of the material seems right.

We used this to rebuild our current sim in high use areas. So far there have been no problems and it seems to handle 4-6 hours of foot traffic with no problem. Definitely recommend..

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