Dan Wildfong
Joined: April 4, 2020

I am so happy with Global Syn Turf.  They offer the best prices, the largest turf selection and the widest network of dealers nationwide.  I had three different bids to have artificial grass installed in my backyard the Global Syn Turf Distributor in Washington was the lowest price.  To be honest the Global Syn Turf grass selection was larger and of much better quality.  The rain up here in Washington has completely destroyed my lawn and now my new Synthetic Grass is amazing.  No more stepping in mud, no more tracking mud in my house!  The kids and dogs spend more time in the backyard.  You can go out on the grass even right after it has rained.  The turf name we chose is Cashmere 70 and it is so soft and green.   I didn't know turf needed an infill, but the installer put a acrylic coated sand infill on top of the turf and brushed it into the grass to make it stand up.  Tommy and his crew did a great job.  I am so glad I chose this company to install my turf.  Thanks for the professionalism and fantastic service.


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